Sleep Studies

Snorer? Tired? Overweight? Find out if you have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Intus Healthcare provide professional, confidential, in-home sleep tests for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Please note they are not intended to provide feedback on any other sleep disorders.

We provide the equipment to be worn at home, in your own bed. The data returned, along with a questionnaire completed, will be assessed by independent, NHS-trained sleep technicians with a minimum of five years sleep scoring experience. All sleep tests are confidential (only you will receive your results) and results are provided within 7 days of returning the equipment.

Our Detailed Sleep Test provides the most accurate in-home test available. It also records your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body position, body movements, snoring intensity, and crucially your Peripheral Arterial Tone – a key physiological signal that can indicate respiratory disturbances during sleep. This comprehensive recording allows the sleep technician the most accurate picture of your sleep, and provides a more conclusive assessment.

If you are unsure if you require a sleep test, then please Contact Us.