Tracer 12V Compact CPAP Battery Pack

When travelling with your CPAP, you need a battery that is compact, lightweight, robust and meets airline guidelines. The Tracer Compact CPAP Battery ticks all of the boxes. Combine it with the appropriate adaptor for your CPAP machine, and you’ll get two nights sleep* from its 8Ah (96Wh) capacity despite it weighing just 600g. See below for more accurate run time estimates.


* Exact usage times depend on your CPAP machine model and pressures. Please the the table in the main description below for more accurate time estimates.


Please note: The Tracer Batteries come in two capacities. If you require a battery that can power your CPAP machine for two nights as well as meeting airline requirements, then the Compact Tracer Battery would be your most suitable option. If you are planning a camping trip or are going to be away from mains power for up to 4 nights, then the Ultra Tracer Battery would be the best value option for you.


You will need the appropriate 12V cable for your CPAP machine to connect it to the Tracer 12V Compact CPAP Battery. Please see the “Which 12V cable do I need?” section below for more information.


IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION – due to airline carriage restrictions, we cannot ship batteries to Republic of Cyprus, Malta, or any offshore European territories such as the Canary Islands. The UK, Ireland and all other mainland European countries are currently unaffected by these restrictions. Please contact us if you are unsure.

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This product is not eligible for VAT relief.

The price shown includes VAT applied at the UK standard rate of 20%, chargeable on all UK and EU orders, excluding Ireland (All orders delivered to Ireland must be charged at standard Irish VAT rate of 21%).

Tracer Compact CPAP Battery – use your CPAP machine anywhere

When travelling with your CPAP, you need a battery that is compact, lightweight, robust and meets airline guidelines. The Tracer Compact CPAP Battery ticks all of the boxes. Combine it with the appropriate adaptor for your CPAP machine, and you’ll get two nights sleep from its 8Ah (96Wh) capacity despite it weighing just 600g. See below for more accurate run time estimates.

Please note: The Tracer Batteries come in two capacities. If you require a battery that can power your CPAP machine for around double the amount of nights as the compact battery can, then the Tracer Ultra Battery would be your most suitable option. However, please bear in mind that the Tracer Ultra Battery is intended for those wishing to use their CPAP machine for up to 4 nights away from mains power, and it does not meet airline guidelines. Therefore if you need to use your CPAP on a long-haul flight, then the Compact Tracer Battery is your most suitable option.

The ABS casing makes the Tracer Compact CPAP Battery incredibly robust. The indicator on the side allows you to see accurately how much charge is remaining after use. Included are two chargers, one for mains and one for DC sources, allowing it to be charged while driving.

Built in Fuel Gauge

With the built in Tracer fuel gauge you can check the power level remaining in the battery. A touch of the button shows how much energy remains and whether you need to recharge.

Robust ABS Casing & Soft Grip Texture

The non slip soft grip rubber provides excellent grip. While the ABS construction provides excellent impact resistance and toughness.

Lighter. Smaller. Better.

Just ¼; of the weight of a traditional sealed lead acid batteries. The Tracer 12V Battery will easily fit in your hand luggage, and often in your CPAP machine’s carry bag. Gone are the days of carrying heavy lead-acid batteries. You won’t believe the difference!

Universal Connections Available

Tracer battery packs can power any CPAP machine with a 12V input. Included in the pack is a 12V cigar socket adapter, allowing you to use the DC cable for your machine. If you do not already have a DC cable for your machine, please be sure to order that also (see below for more information).

High Efficiency Charger

The compact 1.65A Charger will charge your battery in 8-12 hours. A DC charging cable is also included, allowing you to charge your machine while driving. If you would like a quicker way of charging your Compact Tracer Battery, then you can purchase an additional Fast Charger which can power your battery in 4-6 hours.

Safety Features

Integrated Electronic ‘Battery Management System’ (BMS) provides the following protection:

> Overcharge and over-discharge protection
> Thermal protection
> Over current protection
> Short circuit protection

Flat Discharge – Brighter for longer

Lithium polymer technology gives a very flat discharge curve which means sustained power to the end of the cycle, giving you sustained performance and minimising the risk of your CPAP machine powering down due to a dip in the power supply.

Certified Safe

This lithium battery conforms to standard UN 38.3 which is the ONLY relevant safety standard for lithium batteries. The Tracer CPAP battery packs have been through a rigorous testing procedure by UN certified inspectors. You should NEVER handle a non-certified lithium battery pack.

Included with your Tracer battery:

12V 8Ah Compact Battery Pack Neoprene Carry Case Bullet right angle
to 12V Socket
1.65A AC Mains Charger
(inc: UK, US, EU, AUS Plugs)
DC Vehicle Charger

Estimated running times:

CPAP Machine 5cmH2O 10cmH2O 15cmH2O 20cmH2O
ResMed AirSense 10 9 hours 7 hours 6 hours 4 hours
ResMed S9 AutoSet 8.5 hours 7.5 hours 6.5 hours 5.5 hours
ResMed S8 AutoSet 8.5 hours 7 hours 5.5 hours 4.5 hours
Philips REMstar 60 Auto 22 hours 14 hours 10.5 hours 8.5 hours
DreamStation TBC 14 hours TBC TBC
DeVilbiss SleepCube Auto 20 hours 14 hours 10.5 hours 7.5 hours
Transcend Auto 50 hours 28 hours 15.5 hours 11.5 hours

Important: The above usage times are estimates only and are not guaranteed. While based on typical conditions, usage times can vary by 20%. All estimates assume that the machine is being used without a humidifier, heated hose, or through an inverter. Any/all of these can significantly reduce running times.

Which 12V cable do I need?

You will need the appropriate power adapter to connect the Tracer 12V Compact CPAP Battery Pack to your CPAP machine. Intus provide most of the appropriate cables, which you can find below:

  • Philips Respironics Machines – click here
  • DeVilbiss SleepCube – click here
  • Somnetics Transcend – click here
  • *ResMed S8 – S8 Converter 33942 only available from ResMed directly
  • *ResMed S9 – S9 Converter 36970 only available from ResMed directly
  • *ResMed AirSense 10 – Air 10 DC-DC Converter 37297 only available from ResMed directly

*Please note ResMed state that their cables are “not for aircraft use”. Please bear this in mind if planning to use your ResMed machine on a flight. We suspect that means not to use the cable directly into the aircraft power supply should there be a socket available at your seat, as it is difficult to see why you would not be able to use it with an independent battery source such as this one. However the wording on this note is unclear and we would strongly recommend seeking clarification from ResMed and your airline as to whether or not it will be OK to use this cable on a flight with an independent battery pack rather than the aircraft’s power.

Additional information

Weight 1140 g
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 5 cm
CE Certified




Manufacturer's Warranty

12 Months

29 reviews for Tracer 12V Compact CPAP Battery Pack


    Excellent. Does the job very well


    Better than expected. Apart from the excellent value compared to others on the market, this battery has exceeded expectations and will power my CPAP for two full nights once fully charged. You just have to remember to buy the connecting lead!


    Tracer 12v battery pack. Excellent battery, okay kit. The Tracer Battery Pack is just what I have been looking for so that I can use my CPAP machine on a long haul flight.


    Great Battery. I was thinking of converting my camper van to solar energy with leisure battery connections but now I don’t need to do that. This battery is compact and can enable me to use my CPAP machine through the night when camping. I can charge the battery during the day knowing that it will be ready and easy to use at night. Great item giving me confidence, freedom and a good night sleep. Thank you.


    Excellent piece of kit.. I use my battery to run my CPAP machine. It easily runs it for two sleeping periods of about 8/9 hours on a full charge of about four hours. Great bit of kit. Wished I’d got it earlier. A little expensive, but I’m sure they’ll come down in price.


    Very Good product. Très bon produit, d’utilisation facile. Merci pour le professionnalisme de l’entreprise à traiter les dossiers.

    Translation: Very good product ; I am pleased with it and would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to try it.


    CPAP tracer battery. Excellent, light weight battery for CPAP machine, useful for camping and hotels so I do not need an extensive n lead. Great quality.


    CPAP tracer battery. Excellent, light weight battery for CPAP machine, useful for camping and hotels so I do not need an extensive n lead. Great quality.


    Good device, very useful for camping. . As the plug goes into a 12 car plug we have found that it is also extremely useful for blowing up airbeds and charging phones. It will use about three quarters of the battery for a full nights useage.


    Superb! Really pleased, better than expected. Excellent service too.. I bought this battery pack for my Philips CPAP as we were going on a camping trip. I also need it for night fishing trips. The write up said two nights out of one charge but after two nights I still had more than half the charge left so I could have got four nights out of it without recharging.

    Its small and light and comes with a nifty bag.

    No more feeling grim the day after night fishing for me now.

    Great customer service too, kept you informed of order progress every step of the way.


    allows me freedom. very compact and easy to use .Handy for me as i need cpap during the day so now i can still get out and about.


    Good for long haul flight. Bought this battery for long haul flights and also camping. This will provide me with enough power to enable me to use my cpap on a long haul flight. However I had hoped there would be enough power for two nights for camping but only lasts one night and a few hours into the second night.

    Quite expensive. Would have bought the more powerful battery if airline regulations allowed and can’t afford two different ones.


    Good but needs tweaking so that you dont have to use so many extra bits.. The battery itself is a great product. the only problem is the ResMed converter and all the cables plus the cpap unit itself, takes up so much room that on a plane the back seat table isnt big enough.


    We now have travel freedom!!. Bought this product as my wife is always a concern if she gets tired on long distance travel. Battery was used for approx. 6 hours outbound and 5 on return without being topped up and still has just under half a charge left. Excellent product backed up with first rate service. While it looks expensive first off on paper what price do you put on that level of freedom and peace of mind


    Good but not 2 night’s worth. V good light battery pack compared with the one purchased several years ago. I agree with some of the other reviewers that there is not enough power to complete the second night, but charging by car socket or mains is easy enough . Charger with multiple heads for different overseas power supplies is genius.


    Woderful service, wonderful Product. I had a problem with my initial battery, and thought I had wasted my money. The lady i dealt was was marvellous. They took back the unit and replaced it very quickly and now I love it, .

    I cannot believe you can get that much battery life out of such a small pack.


    Very Good Value. I have purchased this item as I am intending to go to Australia next year and need a battery for the flight. Luckily I got it early, as the first battery would not charge…Kelly at Customer Services was brilliant and swiftly worked to resolve the issue. The replacement works exactly as it should. The only issue I have is that I also need a converter for my particular CPAP (Resmed),so have loads of wires etc to cart about, and a lot more money spent for bits of wire! Still works out a lot cheaper than buying a Resmed battery and as I’m not likely to use it much that is a good thing.


    Consumption estimation far from reality. Using a ResMed AirSense 10 with approx 12cmH20 battery last no more than 4 hours, which cut the night a bit short. Otherwise good product in a very convenient size.


    Excellent. Bought this battery and lead feeling a bit sceptical about it’s performance but to my surprise it does everything it says on the tin it’s being thrown about in a rucksack treking in India at the moment it’s lightweight and lasts me two nights being charged off a jeeps cig lighter very happy

    Al Griff

    Does exactly what it says on the tin’. The rules seem to have changed since I last travelled to Australia in 2015 when I was allowed to plug into the aircraft’s electrical system, albeit from only some specific seats. You are now obliged to carry your own power source and there are very strict rules as to how you can do this. It seems that the only airline-acceptable battery on the market is the Tracer 12V Compact CPAP Battery Pack 96Wh capacity.

    Having lashed out on one of these I have to say that it is a very compact and light bit of equipment that seems to be very well designed and manufactured and although I winced at it’s price initially, it seems to live up to all of the hype.

    I travel to Oz in two weeks time and so the unit will be fully tested only then, but since purchase I have used it on several nights and found the battery to be absolutely flawless.


    Excellent back up. Item arrived promptly. My husband checked and charged it. In my opinion it is a vital piece of kit. If we have a power failure, I would be panicking about my Cpap.

    Well worth peace of mind.


    Does what it says. First time user of battery power to allow more freedom of use with Philips Remstar 60 Auto courtesy of the brilliant NHS (the CPAP not the battery). Does exactly what it says, the compact battery gave me two good nights over a weekend with a bit to spare. I have used Tracer batteries for other applications and they are as good as you can get. Would thoroughly recommend the product and Intus for their superb and efficient service.

    Rob Cliff

    Great product. Hi bought this so that I can use the CPAP machine whilst camping. It says it will run for 14 hours which would just about cover two nights. I have tested it for one night and only one out of the five lights (showing charge) has gone out, meaning that it may have longer life than that. It’s not too big for a 12V battery and so I’m really happy with it.


    really good product for use on aircraft. Bought this as we flew to and around Africa, ( mostly on night flights ), and it worked out perfectly….note for use on aircraft must be less than 100Wh


    Excellent product and really useful in many situations. I bought this for a boating trip in France, and it really is amazing. I charged it after two nights, but I think it would have lasted for three. It comes with a mains and car charger. Mine was delivered with a faulty mains charger which EU-PAP immediately replaced. I also used this a couple of times in hotels where there was no power socket next to the bed. It’s a little expensive (especially since it does not qualify for VAT relief) but well worth it if you’re going to be in a situation where power may not be easily available. Thanks to the EU-PAP team for the great service too!


    Good. Replaced an original Resmed battery with this. Capacity seems about equivalent, and it’s lighter.


    Expensive but worth every penny. I ordered this product after the cut off time for next day delivery but it was with me 9:30am the next day – perfect and unexpected

    Charged it up that day and tested it a home for 4 nights – perfect with power left.

    Used it for 3 nights camping plus charging up phones etc several times – perfect and still loads of power left.

    I can’t recommend it highly enough and could only ask for the price to be less and a fast charger to be included.


    Very good product, fast delivery.. Enough charge for 2 nights


    Brilliant. Excellent battery and worked CPAP great. Still power after one night and hoping to use on long plane flight.

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