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Replace or upgrade the charger for your Tracer CPAP Battery. The Standard Charger is a direct replacement for the charger provided with both the Compact CPAP Battery and the Ultra CPAP Battery. The Fast Charger is also compatible with both and halves the time required for a full charge.

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Replace or upgrade the charger for your Tracer CPAP Battery.

Regular charger for Tracer Compact CPAP Battery and Tracer Ultra CPAP Battery

Both the Tracer Compact CPAP Battery and the Tracer Pro CPAP Battery come with the regular charger as standard. If your original charger has been misplaced or is not working properly, it can be replaced here.

With the regular charger, you can expect a full charge to take 8-12 hours with the Compact battery, and 14-20 hours for the Ultra battery.

Fast Charger powers your battery up in half the time

You can charge your Tracer CPAP Battery significantly faster with the Fast Charger; it has a 3A power output compared to the regular 1.65A. The result is charging times for the Compact Battery are reduced to 4-6 hours, and the Ultra CPAP Battery will be full charged in 7-10 hours.

This halving of the charging time makes using your Tracer CPAP Battery even easier; particularly for owners of the Tracer Ultra CPAP Battery which makes a full recharge between nights possible.

Please note that the Fast Charger utilises a power brick to provide the extra power, so will add some extra bulk and weight when travelling as can be seen in the photograph provided.

Both chargers come with both UK and EU plug adapters.

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    Very good product. Le service est remarquable: informations suffisantes sur le produit, rapidité dans l’exécution de la commande, produit de très bonne qualité. Entreprise très crédible.

    Translation: The service is remarkable: sufficient information on the product, speed in the dispatch of the order, product of very good quality. Very credible company.

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