Hay Fever & Nasal Irrigation

What is Hay Fever?

Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction in the nasal passages. It can be caused by dust, but is usually triggered by pollen, which is why it is most common during the Spring. Hay fever can occur at any time of the year. The body reacts to the dust or pollen and begins producing antibodies including histamine. This causes itching, swelling and mucus, and can even cause hives or rashes. It affects around 20% of the UK population – or around 12,000,000 people.

How do you decongest your nose with hay fever?

Nasal irrigation provides fast, effective relief from hay fever without the use of drugs. By flushing out the nasal passages, it removes the pollen and allergens that triggers hay fever. Studies have shown that nasal irrigation significantly reduces the levels of histamines and leukotrienes, providing both quick relief of hay fever, but also preventing it to start with.

How does nasal irrigation help?

Nasal irrigation flushes out your sinuses and nasal passages, and with it takes out all of the pollens, dust and other allergens. It also removes the histamines and mucus that are produced as a result of the allergic reaction. Regular sinus irrigation works as both a preventative measure and a cure by removing the allergens before your body reacts to them, and once the reaction has started it flushes out both the cause and effects of it. It is the complete hay fever solution.

The main treatment for hay fever are anti-histamine tablets, which prevent the reaction from taking place. However if your hay fever has already started these can prove ineffective, and can cause drowsiness. Sinus irrigation works both before and during hay fever, and is completely drug-free with no side effects. Sinus irrigation also has the additional benefits of helping to prevent colds and viruses, reducing snoring, curing nasal headaches, reducing asthma and many other health benefits that you can read about on this website. So not only does is solve your hay fever problem, it protects you from a range of other conditions at the same time.

Why choose the SinuPulse Elite Nasal Irrigator?

Nasal irrigation, or neti, has been around for thousands of years and is a widely practised form of treatment for a range of conditions. The SinuPulse offers the most comprehensive sinus irrigation possible, giving more noticeable and longer lasting relief. The SinuPulse Elite takes neti to the next level – making it far easier, quicker and more effective than traditional netipots or nasal sprays. You simply use the jet irrigator to flush out the worst, and then use the spray tip to reach the areas that would ordinarily be out of reach.

Sinupulse Elite Nasal Irrigator | Intus Healthcare

How the SinuPulse works

The key to the SinuPulse Elite is its small pulsating mechanism used to flush out the sinuses. The drug-free saline solution works to quickly relieve mucus and blockages in minutes.

The SinuPulse Elite comes with a unique spray tip – once your regular irrigation is complete, you can use the spray tip to gently moisture your nasal passages and infiltrate areas that are harder to reach. The spray tips removes any lingering bacteria or mucus that regular irrigators find more difficult to reach.

SinuPulse treats more than just allergies

As well as being great for preventing and dealing with hay fever and allergies, the SinuPulse also helps with your general health and well being. Regular sinus irrigation will keep your nasal passages and sinuses clear, moisturised and healthy. Not only does it flush out bacteria and viruses if you have a nasal or sinus infection, but it also removes them before they have a chance to enter your system. Dry, inflamed nasal passages are also more susceptible to infection and viruses so keeping them clear, healthy and moisturised gives you the best possible chance of avoiding sinusitis, as well as many other illnesses such as the common cold and flu.


The SinuPulse Elite comes supplied with a month’s supply of the 100% natural SinuAir nasal salts.

For optimal results from your SinuPulse Elite, it is recommended to use SinuAir Nasal Salts all the time.

Available VAT Free if you are buying the SinuPulse for personal use and suffer from chronic sinus problems. Depending on the day ordered you could receive it the very next day!

Need more tips?

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