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Are you concerned you may have Sleep Apnoea?

At Intus Healthcare we provide a private and confidential in-home Sleep test for the confirmation and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

We provide a health questionnaire and all the equipment you will need. You only need to wear and monitor your sleep for one night. Your sleep data, along with your questionnaire, will be assessed by an independent NHS-trained sleep technician. All sleep tests are confidential, we do not share your results with your doctor or the DVLA. We also send your report within two working days of the equipment and questionnaire being returned.

(*Please note the tests do not provide feedback on any other sleep disorders)

Please see our guidance video below for a detailed explanation of what a sleep test is, presented by our Clinical Services Manager, Jay.

How It Works

The detailed Sleep Test uses the revolutionary WatchPAT diagnostic device. The device provides accuracy comparable to Polysomnography (PSG), a multi-parameter sleep study used in sleep laboratories for in-depth sleep analysis, but the device we provide can be used easily and comfortably in the comfort of your own bed.

The WatchPat device monitors your blood oxygen levels, heart rate, body position, body movements, snoring intensity, and crucially your Peripheral Arterial Tone – a key physiological signal that can indicate respiratory disturbances during sleep.

The device is simple to use and comfortable to wear. The additional information it records gives our sleep technicians a comprehensive picture of your sleep, allowing them to return an accurate report and a confirmation of Sleep of Apnoea.

icon cross The path towards treating Sleep Apnoea

  • 01

    Step 1

    Identify the symptoms of Sleep Apnoea

    Most people will think nothing of the symptoms of Sleep Apnoea when they first appear. Everybody snores, and it’s normal to feel tired in the afternoon, but gradually the symptoms get more and more severe, disrupting your life. On average, 7 years pass between the first symptoms developing, and moving to Step 2. Think back – how long have you been snoring, feeling tired or lacking energy?

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    Step 2


    When the symptoms are affecting you it is time to discover the root cause. That is why you are here – you want to find answers and solutions. The In-Home Sleep Test is the next step to determine if Sleep Apnoea is the cause of your sleep problems.

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    Step 3


    If the test comes back positive, you can begin treatment within 48 hours, giving you the chance to start sleeping properly for the first time in years. The sleep you’ve been wishing for can soon be yours. For some of our customers this can be a life changing moment.

What to expect from your Sleep Test

In Home Sleep Study Report | Intus Healthcare
  • Once you have ordered the test, it is despatched and includes clear, concise instructions for the device and how to fill in the online patient consent form and questionnaire.
  • You receive the package the next working day. Wear the recording device that night and then complete the online patient consent form and questionnaire the morning after.
  • The data and questionnaire are sent to an independent sleep technician for assessment. All our sleep technicians are NHS-trained with a minimum 5 years’ experience of assessing sleep studies. Please allow two working days for the sleep technicians assessment.
  • Your results are returned, and we prepare your results letter. The letter contains at least five pages of information detailing your result, what it means and possible next steps. It is emailed to you, along with a copy of the data from the recording. If you require a hard copy of the results, then we can post you a copy.

Within two working days of completing the test, you either have a confirmation of Sleep Apnoea or know that OSA is not the cause of your sleep problems.

This is based on ordering a Rapid Test before 2pm on a working day. If you order the standard test, please allow a few additional days for the delivery, and the return of the device.

icon cross Key Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Statistics

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    snorers in the UK approximately

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    of the UK adult population with OSA are undiagnosed – around 1.275 million people

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    NHS sleep diagnostic tests performed in 2017

  • 0 k

    men have Severe OSA in the UK

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    adults believed to have OSA in the UK

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    of UK truck drivers have OSA

What happens after I receive my results?

A positive result

77% of the tests we carry our confirm Sleep Apnoea. In these cases, we make recommendations of suitable treatment options based on the data recorded, the medical history you provide and the assessment of the sleep professional that analyses your test. At Intus Healthcare can provide all of the clinically-proven treatment options, including CPAP therapy, positional therapy, mandibular advancement devices and more, and we will provide detailed information and advice on any treatment methods that are suitable for you.

You can also discuss the result with your GP, as you may wish to continue your path towards treating Sleep Apnoea through the NHS. With a test that confirms you have the condition, you are likely to find that a referral to an NHS sleep clinic is issued more quickly than if you were describing symptoms alone. Likely, the NHS clinic will still want to conduct their own test.

A negative result

For the 23% that do not get a positive confirmation, the test provides some clarity on your current situation and you can effectively “rule out” Sleep Apnoea. You can then begin looking at other potential causes, which is a positive step towards finding a solution.

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Why get tested?

The symptoms of Sleep Apnoea can be alarming as the body fights to regain oxygen. That is why it is vital to understand and treat the condition. Leaving OSA untreated can lead to long-term effects, which could be avoided with the correct treatment.

OSA can adversely impact a patient’s home and work life as excessive sleepiness can make simple activities harder. Not only this, but leaving the condition untreated can increase the risk of developing other health conditions, these include:

You also put yourself at risk of dangerous driving due to poor concentration and this can lead to losing your licence.

We are here to support you

It can take a sufferer seven years from developing clear symptoms of Sleep Apnoea, to having it confirmed. You could be just days away from that point – and within 48 hours, you could be receiving treatment and tackling those symptoms. Treating Sleep Apnoea can increase your life expectancy by as much as 8 years, so the sooner treatment is started, the better it is for your long-term health, as well as the immediate benefits of reduced snoring and more refreshing sleep.

At Intus, we have helped over 250,000 patients across the UK with our test services and variety of treatment options. We are one of the UK’s leading healthcare providers, aiming to help as many people as we can, as fast as we can.

We pride ourselves on using the best equipment available and having all tests analysed by qualified, experienced and independent sleep specialists, to ensure honest and accurate results. Whatever your result, we will be on hand to provide support and guidance for your next step.

Our customer care team are with you every step of your CPAP journey, ensuring you receive the full benefits of your therapy, We also provide helpful information on this website, including all you need to know regarding Sleep Apnoea and CPAP therapy.

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