icon cross History of Jala Neti

Therapy for health and well-being

Nasal irrigation, or Jala neti is still a relatively new concept to Western civilisation, but its origins can be traced back hundreds of years. It has been used for centuries in India as a discipline of yoga, and is seen as playing a key role is spiritual and physical health. Known as jala neti, it is traditionally applied using neti pot. Jala neti literally translates to “nasal cleansing”.

Jala neti has been used throughout India and South East Asia and is performed as regularly as brushing teeth. In the Western world however, its benefits have only been known for around a century, and its popularity is quickly expanding as the understanding of it grows. Nasal irrigation has been used by ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons for many years to clear out sinuses.

Since being introduced to the West nasal irrigation has been the subject of much medical research (some of which can be found here), which continually support the use of regular nasal irrigation for both specific conditions and for general hygiene. Several different salt rinses have been tested and two solutions in particular have been shown to be the most effective. Hypertonic buffered saline solution is the primary choice for treating congestion and the removal of infections and allergens, while isotonic buffered saline solution is preferred for general daily hygiene. Our SinuAir Nasal Salts are able to be made into either solution.

The rise in popularity

Nasal irrigation has seen a large rise in popularity over the last 20 years as the method has become more widely available and affordable. Technological innovations such as The SinuPulse Elite have made nasal irrigation more accessible, quicker, easier and more effective than ever before. As well as using the same techniques and solutions that have been proven in their effectiveness over centuries, the SinuPulse adds modern technology to take the practice to the next level. Its pulsating mechanism and mist tips provide an application that traditional neti pots simply cannot match, while making the experience more pleasant and relaxing.

Jala neti has been proven over many centuries, offering nasal relief and wellbeing to millions, if not billions of users. Now it has been combined with Western technology to make it as easy to get the benefits from as brushing your teeth – and hopefully in the future it will become a part of the regular daily routine here as it is in India. Try it for yourself, and feel the benefits of nasal irrigation that others have been enjoying for centuries.