CPAP Humidifiers

If you find yourself waking up with a dry mouth, nose or throat, then a humidifier should instantly solve that problem. A humidifier adds warmth and moisture to the air provided by your CPAP machine, which will moisturise your mouth, nose and throat throughout the night. Similarly, if you find the air from your CPAP to be cold and uncomfortable, a humidifier should make your therapy more comfortable.

It is clinically proven that humidification improves compliance and helps CPAP and BiPAP users avoid suffering from a dry nose, mouth and throat.

For mouth breathers like those with a full face or oral mask, heated humidification is a must-have feature.

People who don’t need CPAP to help them during the night condition their air with hairs (cilia) in the nasal airway before it enters the lungs. Some Mouth breathers, whether using CPAP or not are likely to suffer from uncomfortable dryness.

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