6ft Hybernite Universal Heated 19mm CPAP Tube from Plastiflex


The Hybernite Heated Breathing Tube can be combined with any CPAP humidifier to provide the best humidification possible. No more rainout (condensation build-up) and no more inconsistent pressure levels. The Hybernite solves these issues by keeping the air at the same temperature from the moment it leaves the humidifier until it reaches the mask. Finally, heated hosing is available to everyone!

Please note if you already have the hybernite hose, you can purchase a replacement tube separately below.

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Hybernite Universal Heated CPAP Hose

The Hybernite Superday Rainout Control System solves the problem of condensation from your humidification system. You can now enjoy all of the benefits of humidification without any drawbacks – it is compatible with any humidifier to create a complete humidification system.

The Hybernite Heated CPAP Hose simply replaces your existing tubing and has its own power supply, allowing it to be completely universal. Any CPAP machine with a humidifier attached that uses the standard 22mm connection can be combined with the Hybernite, allowing you to get the very best performance from your existing humidifier.


No more condensation, far more comfort

The main drawback of humidification is “rainout” condensation build-up in the hose and mask. Rainout is caused by the warm air from the humidifier reaching the cold tubing and condensing into water. This can lead to discomfort and gargling noises. The Hybernite Heated Hose eliminates this problem by keeping the inside of the tubing warm, preventing the air from cooling and condensing. The result means the air reaches you still fully warm – and there is no rainout.

By using the Hybernite, the humidifier settings can be reduced as heat loss is no longer an issue – meaning the water will go further, and you can enjoy humidification throughout the entire night. If your humidifier has been set to a lower setting than you would ideally like in order to reduce rainout, you can now increase the temperature to the perfect level without fear of condensation build-up.

Combine the Hybernite with any CPAP humidifier

The Hybernite Rainout Control System can connect to any regular CPAP humidifierHybernite can be used with any CPAP or BiPAP machine and humidifier that uses a standard 22mm hose connection. 

The Hybernite Heated Tube simply replaces your existing tubing, ensuring no heat or humidification loss between the humidifier and your mask. System One machines should be running software version 1.45 or later – earlier versions are not recommended for use with the Hybernite.

Please note that the Hybernite is incompatible with Fisher & Paykel CPAP systems, as they have their own integrated heated hose system. Similarly, it is not compatible with System One REMstar 60 machines that are using GB6T humidifiers (GB6H are compatible, however).


PowerPal Convenience

The Hybernite uses its own mains power supply and can be turned on or off at the socket. For convenience, the tube includes the PowerPal switch, which allows you to turn the tube on and off without having to unplug it or use the socket switch.

If you already have this product and require a replacement tube, you can purchase the Hybernite Replacement Tube separately. If you require a new switch for your tube, you can purchase a replacement PowerPal Switch separately.

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3 Months

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What happens if I connect the mask-end connector to the humidifier and humidifier-end connector to the mask?

To achieve maximum comfort and safety, always connect the tubing in the correct direction, as instructed. If fitted the wrong way round, there is a chance that the power cord could get pulled out in your sleep, losing the benefits of the Hybernite System.

Can I use the heated tubing without connecting to the power supply?

Yes, but the tubing will simply function as a regular CPAP tube, meaning rainout may occur.

Can I run the Hybernite Rainout Control System from a 12V source?

Currently, the Hybernite System can only be powered using its own power supply from a mains source.

With what humidifiers or CPAP systems can I use my Hybernite Rainout Control System?

The Hybernite Heated Breathing Tube uses the standard 22mm connectors at both ends. This means you can use the Hybernite Heated Breathing Tube with all CPAP machines and humidifiers.

How long is the warranty of the Hybernite Heated Tube?

The warranty is 3 months.

Does the Hybernite Rainout Control System come with a UK or European plug?

If your delivery address is in the UK, we will include a UK plug, or if the delivery address is in the EU, we will include a European plug unless advised otherwise by email or telephone.

Can I use a hose fleece with my Hybernite Heated Hose?

Many people use hose fleeces to reduce rainout in regular hosing, which is unnecessary with Hybernite. However, they also make the tubing more comfortable to touch, which is also true with the Hybernite Heated Hose. However, we would advise avoiding using a hose fleece as it risks overheating the tube, particularly if the room temperature is above 30°C.