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We offer a range of ResMed CPAP therapy products to help you breathe comfortably in your sleep. ResMed is one of the largest Sleep Apnoea treatment suppliers, and we are proud to provide a collection of their CPAP masks, machines and other CPAP accessories. ResMed manufactures some of the most popular CPAP equipment, including the AirFit mask range, AirMini and AirSense 10 machines.

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ResMed CPAP Supplies

ResMed is a market leader in the Sleep Apnoea and CPAP therapy world. ResMed successfully improves the quality of Sleep Apnoea sufferers’ lives with their effective treatment devices in more than 140 countries.

Along with their popular CPAP devices, ResMed also offers myAir, an innovative software support app that allows patients to manage their Sleep Apnoea treatment wherever they go. MyAir motivates users to stay on track with their therapy, providing guidance and insights into how to solve minor issues. ResMed continuously revisits its digital health technologies to provide innovative solutions and help users live healthier lives.

Why Choose ResMed?

ResMed understands what it is like for patients living with Sleep Apnoea and design their products to make treatment as simple as possible. Many of our customers are recommended ResMed CPAP equipment by their doctors or sleep clinicians because of their experience and authority in this area.