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If you suspect that you have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, then an In-Home Sleep Apnoea Test provides a quick, convenient, and affordable way to have it confirmed.

Within 7-10 days of completing the test, you could begin treatment and enjoy deep, restorative sleep again.

All studies are independently analysed by experienced NHS-qualified sleep professionals and use the WatchPAT recording device for unrivalled accuracy.

Our service is tailored for people who suspect they have Sleep Apnoea. It cannot confirm any other sleep disorder. You must have a BMI below 45 and be aged over 18 years to take this test.

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Take a Sleep Apnoea Test at home

A home Sleep Apnoea test is a fast and affordable way to check if someone has Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

Our In-Home Sleep Apnoea Test uses the innovative WatchPAT diagnostic tool. The WatchPAT is simple in its design and is comfortable to wear. The information it collects provides our sleep clinicians with a thorough understanding of your sleep. This helps them accurately identify if OSA is present.

This device provides accuracy similar to PSG (Polysomnography). PSG is used to provide in-depth sleep analysis in sleep clinics.

The WatchPAT is worn for one night. It monitors your blood oxygen level, heart rate, body position, body movements, snoring intensity, and Peripheral Arterial Tone. Peripheral Arterial Tone is a key signal indicating possible breathing issues during sleep.


This sleep test is for assessing the presence of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) only. If you suspect that you have Sleep Apnoea, this service is for you.

It won’t be able to confirm or rule out any other sleep disorders or health conditions. We advise having a discussion with your GP if you are looking for a general sleep assessment.


Which test option is best for me?

We offer two sleep tests – Rapid and Standard. Both tests are the same price and offer the same level of accuracy.

The Rapid sleep apnoea test requires you to have a compatible Apple or Android smart device that is no more than three years old. You can download the WatchPat One app on your smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android. If you don’t have a compatible smart device, no problem – you can order the standard test.

Rapid test results are available one to three days earlier because your SmartPhone uploads the data to us. You must post the Standard tests back to us, so results take a little longer.


Why choose a home Sleep Apnoea test?

In the UK, researchers estimate that OSA affects up to 13% of men and 6% of women. This corresponds to approximately 5.5 million individuals. Only a fraction of these have had a sleep test conducted. An In-Home Sleep Apnoea Test solves many of the issues that prevent people from pursuing a test through the NHS.

FastYou will get your results within 10 days and you could start your treatment on the next working day if you choose to purchase CPAP equipment with us.

Confidential – Your results are yours alone; Intus Healthcare has no obligation to inform any third party.

Convenient – You can do the test in the comfort of your own bed. This removes the need to schedule time off from work for an appointment or an overnight stay.


How does the service work?

Rapid test: Click to watch our video guide for the Rapid Sleep Test

Standard test: Click to watch our video guide for the Standard Sleep Test


How reliable are the results?

The WatchPAT device used for this service is the most clinically validated In-Home Sleep Test available. It has been shown to have results that correlate at 90% with Polysomnography – the “Gold standard” OSA diagnostic that requires an overnight stay in a clinic. No other In-Home Sleep Test approved by the main regulatory body, the AASM, can provide this level of accuracy.

The data is analysed alongside a medical questionnaire you will complete online. Our sleep clinicians are NHS-qualified and have a minimum of five years of experience in scoring sleep studies. They are also accredited by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT). Intus Healthcare is a member of both the ARTP and the BSS professional bodies.

We have been a trusted, professional and reliable provider of sleep services since 2012.


What happens when I get my results?

If the result is positive, the detailed results letter will offer treatment recommendations. However, the options afterwards include:

Sleep Apnoea Treatment – As long as no other medical conditions prevent it, you can buy the necessary equipment to start treatment. We will inform you about the available options, which are based on the seriousness of your condition and your medical history.

At Intus Healthcare, we have the largest range of Sleep Apnoea treatments. This includes CPAP therapy, Positional Sleep Therapy and Mandibular Advancement Devices. We can advise you about the most suitable treatment option and provide the equipment you need.

All treatment options require a test to have been taken first.

Further investigationShould you wish to receive treatment from the NHS, you can provide the results of your private Sleep Test to your GP. They may refer you to a sleep clinic. However, this will not guarantee that treatment will be provided straightaway.

The result will only demonstrate evidence of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. If there are suspicions of other health problems beyond Sleep Apnoea, please speak to your GP for further investigations.

Peace of mind – If you are concerned that you may have OSA, then a negative result will give you peace of mind. The WatchPAT device’s false negative rate is close to 0%. Therefore, should you continue to experience sleep problems, you have at least ruled out one potential cause.


Can anyone take an In-Home Sleep Apnoea Test?

Our In-Home Sleep Apnoea Test services are only available to people aged 18 or over. We also recommend not taking this test if your BMI is 45 or above. This is because any treatment is very likely to need to be overseen by a specialist, which is a level of care we are unable to provide. In this instance, we recommend discussing your sleep symptoms with your GP at your earliest convenience.

If you are an existing CPAP user, it is advised to pause using your therapy for five days before taking a sleep test.

Acrylic nails, gel nails and nail polish will affect the accuracy of the test result. Before starting the test, remove nail coverings from the finger used by the pulse oximeter.

If you are suffering from a cold or feeling unwell, please wait until you have recovered before taking the test.


Need further information?

Should you need further information, please contact us, and our team will be able to answer any questions you have.


This is a service, and the service begins when your Sleep Test kit has been despatched. Unused tests can be returned, but the refund will be limited due to costs already incurred by Intus in the provision of the test, regardless of it not having been taken.

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Test Option (see description for more information)

Rapid, Standard

Is an In-Home Sleep Apnoea Test accurate?

An In-Home Sleep Apnoea Test is a convenient and effective way to diagnose Sleep Apnoea. Intus Healthcare, our pioneering In-Home Sleep Test, uses the revolutionary WatchPAT diagnostic that provides accuracy comparable to PSG (used in sleep laboratories for in-depth sleep analysis).

The WatchPat device monitors your blood oxygen levels, heart rate, body position, body movements, snoring intensity, and, crucially, your Peripheral Arterial Tone – a key physiological signal that can indicate respiratory disturbances during sleep.

How does the Standard Sleep Test work?

Using our Standard In-Home Sleep Test is easy and requires just one night of sleep. Included with your test is a set of instructions, and you will also receive an email with helpful guidance. After testing, you must complete the online medical questionnaire and consent forms and use the prepaid returns bag to return the device to us. Once we get the device back, we’ll upload your data and pass it to one of our sleep specialists for analysis. You can learn more by watching this video.

Can I watch TV during a Home Sleep Study?

You can watch TV or other forms of entertainment before going to sleep. However, all transmitting devices, such as smart watches, smart phones etc should be turned off before attempting to start the test. Devices could interfere with the function of the test equipment.

What if I can't sleep during a Home Sleep Atudy?

It is not uncommon for people to have difficulty sleeping during a Sleep Study. The test only requires 4 hours of sleep to determine an accurate result. This doesn’t need to be 4 consecutive hours. It can be accumulated throughout the night.

Stick to your normal sleep routine as much as possible. Go to bed, wake up at the same times you normally do, and pick a night when you are not doing anything different. This will provide a true representation of your sleep.

Once activated, the equipment should not be removed until the morning.

What do my sleep study results mean?

Your results letter will include a copy of the data. It will also confirm the severity of the condition, should you have it, and advise the best treatment options. Watch this video to learn more.