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Löwenstein Medical is an innovative manufacturer in the field of medical technology, helping Sleep Apnoea patients around the world. For almost 30 years,  Löwenstein has designed high-performing medical devices, and we are proud to offer many of their effective CPAP masks and the latest Prisma SmartPlus machine. If you need help finding the right product for you, contact us.

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Löwenstein Medical Equipment

Löwenstein manufactures Sleep Apnoea and other medical care products worldwide to help patients. Specialising in respiratory care, Löwenstein created the modern Prisma range of devices with various advanced features. Each machines provides comfort settings and unique technologies that make managing your Sleep Apnoea simple.

Why Choose Löwenstein?

For over 30 years, Löwenstein has developed reliable medical systems, with over 1000 hospitals equipped with Löwenstein’s sleep diagnostic services. Löwenstein aims to create modern and convenient solutions for Sleep Apnoea therapy.

We supply Löwenstein’s best-selling masks and machines designed for optimal comfort available with fast UK delivery options.