SleepCube Heated Humidifier

The SleepCube Heated Humidifier integrates seamlessly into the AutoAdjust and Standard CPAPs by DeVilbiss. The humidifier doesn’t add anything to the footprint and takes it power from the CPAP machine directly, making it as simple to use as possible.

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Get even more from your SleepCube with a humidifier

Add a heated humidifier to your SleepCube Standard or AutoAdjust for added breathing comfort and reduced sinus problems. The SleepCube heated humidifier simply slots in under the PAP device and integrates seamlessly. No need for yet another power point and cable and no more space needed than you already allocated on your bedside table.

The intelligent design of the SleepCube Heated Humidifier means that your SleepCube simply sits on top of it – ensuring that your CPAP system takes up no more space as the additional volume is only being added to the height, and not to the width or length like many other humidifier designs.

If you find CPAP therapy uncomfortable due to the air being cold (particularly during the winter months) or you’re waking up with a dried out mouth, throat or nasal passages then a humidifier could greatly improve your comfort. It gently heats the air and ensures your airways stay moist and comfortable, and helps reduce irritation and inflammation. A humidifier will particularly benefit those using a full face or oral mask.

The SleepCube heated humidifier is controlled from the main PAP unit’s display. Try and use the cleanest water you can find to ensure you enjoy the benefits of heated humidification for as long as possible. A manual is included which tells you how to maintain the humidifier, how to install it and how to use it.

This is the entire humidifier unit with water chamber, heating plate and docking station. If you just need a new water chamber, please see under humidifier spares & parts. The humidifier chamber is dishwasher-proof for ease of cleaning.

Additional information

Weight 1070 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm
CE Certified


Helpline Locations

United Kingdom, United States

Humidifier Water Capacity

400 ml



Made In


Manufacturer's Warranty

2 Years (90 days on chamber)

8 reviews for SleepCube Heated Humidifier


    Excellent Product!!!. I sleep in a room with no heating on – purposely. New CPAP user, with cold air flowing down the mask… wasn’t nice. Bought this machine-specific add-on and noticed the difference immediately!! The cold air had gone, my mouth & throat were less dry, and my lips did not feel dry. RESULT! 🙂

    If you have a device that can accommodate this add-on, I highly recommend it. Worth every penny.


    Humidifier. 4 months after my original Sleep Cube gave up after 5 years, so did the original humidifier unit. It started leaking and I tried my best to see if I could fix it myself. Taking it to bits revealed that it is not a sophisticated piece of equipment, basically consisting of an electrical connector and a heating element which heats up the water and vapour travels up the rubber connections into your breathing tube. But I couldn’t find where the leak was…so after a week or two without, decided to fork out £150 for a new one. It has a five year guarantee so that works out at roughly 8 pence a day, which I suppose isn’t bad for a good night’s sleep. If it wasn’t a piece of medical equipment and was made in large numbers it could be cheap. As it is I think there is a large markup – it is made in the Far East and production and shipping costs will be a fraction of its end retail price. I reckon there’s £100 profit at least on each unit….just saying


    Very happy. I bought this to use shortly after getting the SleepCube Auto CPAP. Very easy to connect up and use. Took a little bit of experimentation to get the right heating setting for me but haven’t needed to change the setting since night 3. Very happy and quick delivery. Once again great customer service.


    Works well, a bit awkward to fill.. The heater humidifer works well in combination with the SleepCube. Temperature control is easy. The only slight drawback is that you have to be a bit careful in filling with water, as there is a fairly narrow gap in to which you pour the water.


    Works well but flimsy. Works nicely. Easy to fill but fiddly to empty. You need to be careful not to break any lugs or plastic framework – a touch flimsy for my liking. But, what price for a good sleep? Maybe a touch overpriced?


    Easy to use. I ordered the humidifier at the same time as the sleep cube and I must say it was so simple to use and the added benefit of the humidifier is well worth the cost


    great nights sleep. I ordered the humidifier to use with my SleepCube. It has much better temperature control than some humidifiers I have used.


    Does what it says. More sturdy than I expected from other feedback. Easy to use when you can work it out as the instructions are pretty useless. I find I have to put the heating up to 6 or 7 in an ambient temperature of 19C to notice the humidifier. Doesn’t use much water so only needs refilling every few days.

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