Universal Waterless Disposable Humidifier

This universal Heat Moisture Exchanger allows you to benefit from humidification without the use of a full heated-humidifier. This disposable device, suitable for up to 24 hours use, recycles the moisture in your exhaled breathe to provide an effective method of humidification. Now you can travel without having to transport your bulky humidifier.

Please note that this is not compatible with the DreamWear mask from Philips Respironics.


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If you travel frequently, then you will be only familiar with the problems of transporting a CPAP machine – and even more so when you require a humidifier.

As well as a bulk, humidifiers pose the additional problems of requiring mains power to run, and needing to be bone dry prior to transportation.

This Heat Moisture Exchanger provides a solution; a disposable filter that provides humidification for short-term use. Now you can travel with your CPAP machine and not have to worry about transporting your regular humidifier with you, and can benefit from humidification even if you are using a battery or other 12V power source.

A HME works by trapping the moisture in your exhaled breathe, and releasing it when you exhale. It is a method that has been used in various medical treatments for decades, but is only now transitioning to CPAP.

It is a filter than sits in a plastic holder, which sits between your mask and tubing. To install, you simply disconnect your tubing from the mask, connect it to the HME, and then the other end of the HME into the mask.

The HME is a disposable item – and should be discarded after 24 hours of use. It is not intended to replace heated humidification long-term, but rather offer an effective, short-term solution.

Humidification from a HME will not be as powerful as using a conventional humidifier, but for many it will be more than adequate for short-term use and any small drop in performance is more than made up for by the convenience it offers when on the move.

The HME must not be used at the same time as a conventional humidifier. It is strictly one or the other.

This is a universal device, and will work with almost any CPAP mask* and CPAP machine (provided it does not have a permanent humidifier attachment / heated tube). We would recommend ordering a single unit initially to confirm suitability for your needs, and compatibility with your equipment, before proceeding to a larger quantity order as required.

The plastic casing also features an inline port for supplementary oxygen if required.

* Please note that this is not compatible with the DreamWear mask from Philips Respironics.

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Weight 65 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 cm
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