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Three Types of Nasal Irrigation

If you have been considering using nasal irrigation, then it is important to know which methods are available to you and which one is the most appropriate for your needs.

Methods of Nasal Irrigation - Neti Pot | Intus Healthcare

Neti Pots

The most commonly used method of nasal irrigation is that of a neti pot. Named after nasal irrigation’s traditional name of Jala Neti, a neti pot is a small teapot-shaped container.

You simply fill the neti pot up with a saline solution, and lean over a sink with the spout in one nostril. You twist you neck to control the pressure of the water flow, and swap over to the other nostril halfway through. Once mastered can be very effective, but can cause neck pain and vertigo.

Our SinuAir salts are great for use with these traditional neti pots.

Pros: Cheap, readily available, traditional.

Cons: Awkward, messy, uncomfortable, not very deep.

Methods of Nasal Irrigation - Nasal Sprays | Intus Healthcare

Nasal Sprays

Nasal sprays were introduced to counteract the awkwardness of neti pots. The squeezable bottles are filled with the same saline solution as a neti pot, but the pressure from squeezing means you do not need to twist your neck to get gravity to take effect like with a neti pots.

However, the volume of solution applied makes them less effective than a neti pot and the spray makes it difficult to target specific directions. Ideal for use on the move, but may not be sufficient for daily nasal irrigation or dealing with an infection. More expected to moisturise than to cleanse.

Pros: Easy, quick, portable.

Cons: Not a thorough cleanse, small capacity, imprecise.

Sinupulse Elite Nasal Irrigator | Intus Healthcare

SinuPulse Elite Nasal Irrigator

The SinuPulse is effectively an electronic neti pot, combining its effectiveness with the convenience and ease of use of a spray bottle. It sprays the saline solution into each nostrils with no need for neck twisting, and the pulsating mechanism dislodges mucus and stimulates the body’s natural defences.

The mist tip also allows the saline solution to reach hard to access areas and sooth the nasal passages. Some may need some time to adjust to the noise from the machine.

Our SinuAir salts work perfectly with machine powered irrigators like the SinuPulse nasal irrigator or WaterPik machines for oral use.

Pros: Effective, easy to use, comfortable.

Cons: Initial price, a little noisy.