S.Box Humidifier Water Chamber from Sefam


Replacement water chamber for the S.Box CPAP humidifier.

The water chamber adds moisture to your air pressure, adding more comfort to your CPAP therapy. A humidifier reduces dryness in the mouth, throat and nose and helps eliminate congestion.

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S.Box Humidifier Water Chamber

This is a replacement water chamber for the S.Box CPAP humidifier only. We also sell the Replacement Heated Humidifier Unit on our website.

Why should I use a CPAP humidifier?

A humidifier keeps your air pressure moist and warm to prevent dryness in your throat, nose and mouth. To keep your therapy at a constant temperature and prevent rainout (condensation), consider adding the S.Box Heated Hose for optimised therapy.

What water should I use in my CPAP water chamber?

You should only be using distilled water in your CPAP humidifier water chamber. Distilled water is pure H20 because distillation removes all of its impurities, including minerals making it healthier to breathe in.

Tap water contains mineral deposits, microbes and germs, which are unsafe to breathe in. Tap water can also reduce the lifespan of your machine as the contaminants can build up in your device.

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