6ft CPAP Hose Fleece Cover from CPAPHero



The 6ft CPAP Fleece Hose Cover provides extra insulation to your CPAP hose, keeping your therapy at a consistent temperature and minimising condensation (rainout). The soft fleece cover protects your tubing from pets, damage and dirt.

Compatible with standard or heated tubing for – ResMed S9, AirSense 10, Philips Respironics DreamStation 2, Prisma SmartMax and more.

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A Hose Fleece To Optimise Your CPAP Therapy

The CPAPhero 6ft Hose Fleece Cover will optimise your CPAP therapy and provides benefits such as:

  • Reducing or eliminating condensation
  • Protection from pets
  • Protection from dirt
  • A barrier against damage
  • Comfort increase
  • Noise reduction
  • Temperature regulation
  • Reducing or eliminating CPAP rainout
  • Single-layer soft fleece fabric
  • Helps with a dry mouth or nose
  • Extends the lifespan of your CPAP tubing

Compatible with standard or heated tubing for – ResMed S9, AirSense 10, Philips Respironics DreamStation 2 and more.

Temperature Regulation

The hose fleece wraps around your tubing, acting as insulation to keep the air warmer during your therapy. Warmer air will prevent common CPAP side effects such as condensation, dry mouth and rainout.

Dry Mouth

Depending on the type of machine you have, a common side effect can be dry mouth. A hose fleece can reduce dry mouth by keeping the air warmer as it travels from the CPAP machine to your mask.

Noise Reduction

The CPAPHero Hose Fleece can help to decrease the noise of your therapy. By muffling the wind-like noise, you can expect a more comfortable night’s sleep. The fleece fabric will also reduce any noise caused by the hose moving across your bed linen.

Damage Protection

The soft fleece cover will act as a barrier from damage, for example, from pets puncturing your hose or dirt getting into the crevices. Designed by RespLabs to extend the lifespan of your CPAP tubing.

Additional information

Weight 81 g
Dimensions 21 × 8 × 6 cm


VAT relief eligible


Made In





12 Months

CE/UKCA Certified


Packaged weight


Compatible with

All 6ft CPAP tubes

Good for

Reducing condensation in the tube