CPAP Mask & Hose Cleaning Brush Kit from CPAPHero


The CPAP hose brush cleaner kit runs through the length of your hose and reaches hard-to-clean areas of your mask and humidifier chamber.

The simple-to-use brush makes cleaning your supplies easy, removing dirt and oil buildup.

Compatible with all types of tubes and masks.


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CPAP Brush Cleaner Kit

The universal CPAP brush kit has a 6ft double-ended brush and a shorter brush for easier cleaning of your tube, humidifier chamber, and mask. The long brush can effectively run through the entire length of your hose for thorough cleaning. The kit accommodates all tube types: standard (22mm), slimline (15mm), and heated tubes.

Why use a CPAP tube cleaner?

Improves Hygiene: Your supplies can gather dirt and oils, leading to bad smells and possibly affecting your CPAP treatment. The CPAP hose cleaner can effectively clean hard-to-reach spots, like the inside of tubing or mask crevices.

Increases Comfort: Adding a CPAP brush to your cleaning routine can make your equipment cleaner, fit better, and quieter. In turn, this can lead to better sleep and better overall comfort.

Protects Supplies: The CPAP brush helps your equipment last longer by preventing residue buildup that can cause damage.


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How do I use the CPAP cleaning brush?
  1. Use warm water and mild soap to rinse the brush and hose.
  2. Use a brush to clean the inside of the tube thoroughly.
  3. Rinse out the hose with warm water.
  4. Let the hose air dry before using it again.
  5. To maintain the brush’s bristles, rinse them with warm water, gently pat dry with a towel, and allow them to air dry completely.