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This CPAP Pillow is designed to accommodate any mask and will help to reduce mask discomfort and air leaks. The pillow features unique side cut-outs designed to reduce the risk of the mask being moved while you are sleeping. It also reduces facial pressure and sores where the mask seal comes into contact with the skin. Additionally, the pillow design provides orthopaedic alignment for improved airflow for side, back or stomach sleepers.

CPAP Pillows have helped thousands of patients worldwide sleep more comfortably and maintain their therapy.

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Enhanced comfort with the CPAP Pillow 2.0

The Contour Living CPAP Pillow 2.0 is a specially designed pillow to improve the comfort and effectiveness of individuals undergoing Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy for Sleep Apnoea and other related breathing disorders. It is designed to address the unique needs of CPAP users and promote better sleep quality during therapy.

Your pillow can have a direct impact on your therapy compliance. Soft pillows, which allow your head to sink in, often interfere with the mask, causing uncomfortable pressure on your face and dislodging the cushion, which can contribute to air leaks. When the mask sinks into the pillow, the mask’s exhaust may also be blocked, causing CO2 build-up inside. A specially designed CPAP pillow will avoid most, if not all, of these problems.


Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0 Puts The Comfort Back

An orthopaedic bed pillow is an essential CPAP accessory and by far the best pillow to use with a CPAP machine. The pillow’s core is constructed with a highly resilient medical-grade foam core, so whether you’re a back, side or even stomach sleeper, it will promote proper alignment throughout the night. Plus, the pillow has a super soft pillow top layer, making it the best foam or fibre-filled CPAP pillow available. Uniquely designed with CPAP users in mind, the Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0 helps solve many CPAP issues.

Contoured Design: The pillow features a unique contoured shape with cutout areas to accommodate CPAP masks and hoses. This design helps prevent pressure points, mask displacement, and air leaks, ensuring a more comfortable and secure fit during sleep.

Orthopaedic, Patented Contour Curve: The contouring of the pillow provides proper head and neck support while maintaining alignment with the spine. This can reduce strain on the neck, shoulders, and back, contributing to better overall sleep comfort. A shoulder crescent allows you to rest your shoulders naturally for added comfort.

Reduces Mask Pressure: By allowing space for the CPAP mask and hose, the pillow minimises pressure on the mask, reducing the risk of mask discomfort, shifting, or leaks that can disrupt therapy.

Adjustable Height: You can easily remove layers of the pillow to find a more comfortable height.

Built-in Hose Control – a tether feature helps airflow by allowing your hose to move freely with you and eliminates the pulling and tugging pressure on your mask.

Warranty: This pillow comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


Dimensions: 21″ x 13.5 “x 5.2” (53.5cm x 34.5cm x 13cm)


Replacement Pillow Covers

The CPAP Pillow 2.0 is supplied with a velour quilted cover to protect the pillow and extend its life. Should you wish to replace the cover, you can purchase a Replacement Cover on our website.

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Are CPAP pillows effective?

A high-quality CPAP pillow offers excellent support beyond just facilitating your mask. The pillow will promote proper alignment of the cervical spine throughout the night. The design, and materials provide soft comfort while still supporting the neck better than a traditional feather pillow.

How does a Sleep Apnoea pillow work?

A CPAP pillow or Sleep Apnoea pillow is designed to accommodate a CPAP mask. When the user is wearing the mask they can be limited on positions to sleep, because the mask can be dislodged by a normal pillow, or cause the mask to dig into the face. Using a CPAP pillow can help make sleeping with a mask more comfortable. The pillow has cut-outs to prevent the mask from pressing on your face and nose.

What is the best pillow to use with CPAP machine?

A contour pillow, which is designed with a raised section in the center to support the head and a sloping section on either side to support the neck is a popular choice. Contour pillows are usually firmer than memory foam pillows and may be more suitable for people who prefer a more structured feel.

There are also pillows that are specifically designed for use with a CPAP machine. These pillows may have cutouts at the sides, or a hollowed-out section in the center to accommodate the hose and mask of the CPAP machine.

What is the difference between a CPAP pillow and a regular pillow?

A CPAP pillow is designed to increase the comfort and effectiveness of Sleep Apnoea therapy. Created with cutouts for your mask and hose to fall in, helping to reduce mask movement, leaks and facial pressure.