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If you’re bothered by noisy CPAP equipment, the QTube CPAP Muffler is your solution. It’s designed to significantly reduce noise levels, quieting your CPAP machine by 50-80%. It works by minimising turbulence in the tubing, which is often the source of the noise.

With the QTube CPAP Muffler, you can enjoy a more peaceful night’s sleep without disruptive machine noise, making your CPAP therapy quieter and more comfortable. Say goodbye to loud CPAP noises, and hello to a restful night’s sleep!

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Reduce noise with the QTube Universal CPAP Muffler

If you find excessive noise coming from your CPAP mask or tubing, then a QTube CPAP Muffler can help.

Some combinations of machine, tube and mask can cause the turbulent air to create an echoing noise through the circuit.

The QTube CPAP Muffler reduces the turbulence and, therefore, the noise it creates. It can reduce this noise by 50-80%.

Please note that this will not reduce noise from the machine itself or any whistling noise from the CPAP mask’s exhalation port. It is only intended to reduce noise from the tubing and mask.

How it works

The muffler attaches between your CPAP device and the CPAP tubing with a short 8-inch flex tube. The muffler then reduces the noises using an internal foam layer which can be removed and replaced.

The QTube CPAP Muffler contains the muffler itself and a short tube to connect it to the CPAP machine. Your regular hose then connects to the other end of the muffler.

IMPORTANT: The CPAP Muffler should not be used with a water-based humidifier, as the filter inside may become saturated. However, most humidifiers act as a muffler anyway, and therefore this would not be required when using one.

Changing the Muffler filter in the QTube Muffler is recommended after two weeks of continuous use.

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