RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners

If you experience discomfort, red marks or air leaks with your CPAP mask, consider these RemZzzs Mask Liners. A soft cotton fabric liner creates a barrier, absorbs skin oils and reduces air leaks as well as skin irritation and pressure marks. Try a sample pack for just £7.49.

Please scroll down to the compatibility table below to find which size you need for your mask.

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Simply incredible. Incredibly simple.

Often the best things are remarkably simple and you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it yourself! RemZzzs CPAP mask liners are exactly like that and we are very pleased they are now available for Philips Respironics, Resmed, Fisher & Paykel, Hans Rudolph, Weinmann and Sleepnet.

CPAP therapy isn’t always a smooth ride for everybody but these clever little fabric mask liners go a long long way towards solving the classic problems related to wearing a CPAP mask all night. The patent pending design creates a barrier between your sensitive facial skin and your mask cushion, virtually eliminating all of the most common issues CPAP users have with their nasal mask. On top of that, it’s very comfortable too!

RemZzzs can:

  • Greatly reduce or eliminate air leaks.
  • Virtually abolish annoying noises of escaping air.
  • Prevent skin irritations, spots and ugly pressure marks.
  • Help absorb facial moisture and oils, so they don’t break down the mask.
  • Assist with comfortably holding your mask in the correct, most comfortable position.
  • Allow for the use of nighttime facial skincare products.
  • Ensure a comfortable, full night of sleep… for you and your partner!

The benefits don’t end there either. As listed in the manual of your mask, it is recommended you clean your mask daily. When you take everything apart, clean it and put it all back together, this adds up to a considerable amount of time. With RemZzzs, the naturally absorbent fibers of each liner act as a barrier between you and your mask, keeping oil and moisture away from the gel ring material. By protecting the mask like this, the result is you spending less time cleaning your mask, and spending more time actually enjoying all of its benefits.

Give RemZzzs a try!

We know that buying masks to find one that suits isn’t exactly cheap and the NHS doesn’t have a great deal to offer in terms of choice. With RemZzzs mask liners you can give your mask another good try and more than likely, solve your problems without the need for a new mask. With the option of a sample pack containing six liners, trying out RemZzzs is very affordable indeed. For £7.49, you can increase CPAP mask comfort significantly and get on with fulfilling sleep quietly, without interruption, each night – just choose “Sample Pack” as the pack size option when ordering above. Plus, when you buy a sample pack you will receive an email that will get you £7.49 off your first full pack – effectively making the sample free.

All in all, when you use RemZzzs you will experience a more comfortable, full night of sleep; enabling your CPAP mask to accomplish what it was meant to… improving your health. Recent research shows that CPAP therapy really can make a life or death difference for those who have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea so it’s important you take direct action and get that mask to fit right.

Compatibility Chart

Please find your mask in the table below to ensure you get the correct size liner for your mask. Can’t find your mask, or remain unsure? Please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to advise.

ResMedFull FaceAirFit F20, AirFit F10, Mirage Quattro, Quattro Air, Ultra Mirage Full FaceExtra SmallFull Face – Size 1
SmallFull Face – Size 1
MediumFull Face – Size 2
LargeFull Face – Size 3
Quattro FXSmallFull Face – Size 1
Medium, LargeFull Face – Size 2
AirFit F30Any sizeFull Face – Size 0
NasalAirFit N20, AirFit N10SmallNasal – Size 0
MediumNasal – Size 4
Large, WideNasal – Size 5
Mirage FXSmallNasal – Size 0
Standard / For HerNasal – Size 5
WideNasal – Size 5
Ultra Mirage II, Mirage Micro, Mirage SoftGel, Activa, Activa LTSmallNasal – Size 4
Shallow, Shallow WideNasal – Size 4
MediumNasal – Size 5
Large, Large WideNasal – Size 6
Swift FX NanoSmallNasal – Size 0
StandardNasal – Size 4
WideNasal – Size 5
Nasal PillowsAirFit P10, Swift FX, Swift LT, Swift IIAll sizesNasal – Pillows
Philips Full FaceAmara, Amara Gel, ComfortFull 2, ComfortGel Full, ComfortGel Blue FullPetite, SmallFull Face – Size 1
MediumFull Face – Size 2
LargeFull Face – Size 3
Amara View, DreamWear Full FaceAny sizeFull Face – Size 0
NasalWisp, DreamWispPetite, Small/MediumNasal – Size 0
Large, Extra LargeNasal – Size 4
ComfortGel Nasal, ComfortGel Blue Nasal, ComfortClassic, ComfortFusionPetite, SmallNasal – Size 1
MediumNasal – Size 2
LargeNasal – Size 3
EasyLife (Medium and Large require a Full Face liner – this is not an error)SmallNasal – Size 6
MediumFull Face – Size 1
LargeFull Face – Size 1
TrueBluePetite, SmallNasal – Size 0
Medium, Medium Wide, LargeNasal – Size 4
Nasal PillowsNuance, Nuance Pro, DreamWear Nasal Pillows, GoLifeAny sizeNasal – Pillows
Fisher & PaykelFull FaceSimplus, ViteraSmallFull Face – Size 1
MediumFull Face – Size 2
LargeFull Face – Size 3
Forma, Flexifit 432, Flexifit 431SmallFull Face – Size 4
MediumFull Face – Size 5
Large, Extra LargeFull Face – Size 6
NasalEson, Eson 2, Zest, Zest Q, 405, 406, 407PetiteNasal – Size 0
SmallNasal – Size 4
MediumNasal – Size 5
LargeNasal – Size 6
Nasal PillowsBrevida, Pilairo, Opus 360Any sizeNasal – Pillows
SleepnetFull FaceMojo, Mojo 2, Ascend Full Face, V3SmallFull Face – Size 1
MediumFull Face – Size 2
LargeFull Face – Size 3
NasalAscend NasalSmallNasal – Size 4
MediumNasal – Size 5
LargeNasal – Size 6

Additional information

CE Certified




Will the Nuance & Nasal Pro mask be able to work with my CPAP machine?

Absolutely – The Nuance & Nasal Pro mask will work with all CPAP machines that are available for purchase.

I'm not sure if this mask is right for me, do you sell others on your store?

We have a host of CPAP masks on our online store, by following this link here you will be transported to our full mask range including variants of the Nuance & Nasal Pro mask.

I've recently lost/broken a part of Nuance & Nasal Pro mask, do you sell parts online?

We sell various parts of the Nuance & Nasal Pro mask,  following this link will take you over to another webpage where you can purchase Nuance & Nasal Pro parts including: Nuance and Nuance Pro headgear and various sized nasal pillows that will fit best for you.

The Nuance & Nasal Pro mask isn't available in any sizes, how will I know that it will fit me?

The Nuance & Nasal Pro has a universal one sizes fits all, it differs from a full face mask as the pillows of the mask are only meant for nostril use and therefore do not need to come in various sizes to buy.

Would I need to provide any medical documentation before I buy the Nuance & Nasal Pro mask?

We only ask for medical documentation that you require CPAP therapy for purchasing a CPAP machine. All other items on our website are available to purchase without this condition as part of a self-diagnosed declaration when placing an order.

How would you recommend I clean my Nuance & Nasal Pro mask?

One tip we would suggest is to clean the mask on a daily basis, washing it before and/or after use to preserve it and prevent bacteria build up occurring. Washing the mask in lukewarm soapy water will be the most beneficial for preserving and keeping it clean.

We would suggest to avoid using antibacterial soaps as this may damage the cushion of the mask, leading you to buy a replacement part. On top of washing the mask we would also suggest picking up some CPAP Mask Wipes to add to the daily cleaning routine of your Nuance & Nasal Pro Mask

I would like to order a Nuance & Nasal Pro mask but it's out of stock, what happens next?

If you’re interested in purchasing a Nuance & Nasal Pro but it is out of stock then please contact our customer care team today by calling 0800 024 8050 or alternatively you can e-mail us at [email protected] Our team will be on hand to contact the supplier and order one in especially for you.

I have some queries on the Nuance & Nasal Pro mask, how do I get in touch?

Call us at 0800 024 8050 or e-mail us at [email protected] today and chat with a member of our customer service team who will be available to handle any queries you may have about the Nuance & Nasal Pro mask.