AirFit N30i Nasal CPAP Mask

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The AirFit N30i is a nasal cradle mask from ResMed which gives the freedom to sleep in any position. The discreet, minimalist design features a convenient top-of-the-head tube design, a comfortable nasal cradle cushion and a self-adjusting frame for a stable fit.


If you have not used this mask before – please click on the “Downloads” tab below to find the sizing guide. Please do not assume which size you need – the sizing guide will ensure you get the most appropriate size.

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If you are considering trying this mask for the first time, you can order in confidence using Mask Fit Insurance and have to option to return this mask for a refund if unsuitable. See the Mask-Fit Insurance section below for more information.

AirFit N30i – ResMed’s most adaptable mask to date

The AirFit N30i from ResMed is an under-nose mask, and is very similar in design to the popular DreamWear mask from Philips.

Unlike a typical nasal mask, the Resmed AirFit N30i sits underneath the nose, rather than around it. This makes it easier to seal; a smaller contact area means less scope for leakage. The bottom of the nose is also more flexible, being primarily cartilage rather than the bone of the nasal bridge, making it easier to adjust a mask to.

The N30i may be the latest in the AirFit range of nasal masks, but has little in common with the N10 and N20 masks before it. As well as using an under-nose cushion, the CPAP tubing now connects on the drop of the head rather than the front of the mask. This significantly improves freedom, with the tubing far less likely to be pulled when changing position. It also reduces the weight of the front of the mask, reducing the effects of gravity when sleeping on your side.

The N30i is also entirely flexible; the frame itself is flexible (on most masks this is rigid), allowing a degree of automatic adjustment throughout the night. Every aspect of the AirFit N30i’s design is focused on patients who change position regularly, or who spend the majority of the night on their side. The AirFit N30i’s flexibility, and hose positioning, are particularly beneficial in such instances.

Sizing your ResMed AirFit N30i

There are two starter packs, each of which is delivered with 1 frame and 2 cushions as follows:

  • Small starter pack: 1 small frame, 1 small cushion,1 standard cushion
  • Standard starter pack: 1 standard frame, 1 small cushion, 1 standard cushion

Please note: the standard frame is bigger than the smaller frame. In general, most men should select the standard frame, and most women the small frame. See below for more information on this.

Two additional cushions can be ordered as spare parts:

  • Small wide cushion (SW size): for small, flat noses
  • Wide cushion (W size): for large, flat noses

Please note that these cushions must be purchased separately if required, ResMed do not include them as standard. See the guides below for more information about sizing.

Sizing your ResMed AirFit N30i frame

Step 1 – In general, men should select the standard frame size and women should select the small frame size. These are general recommendations that can be disregarded if you feel that you have a smaller/larger face than average.

Step 2 – The frame should sit on the top of the head, like a headband. If the frame is too small, it will feel tight and sit too close to your forehead. If the frame is too large, it will feel loose and sit too far back on your head.

Both frame sizes include two sizes of the nasal cushion itself (Small and Medium). Cushions are also available in Small Wide (for small flat noses) and Wide (for large flat noses). Should one of these additional sizes be required, it can be ordered here – they will automatically be half price when ordered at the same time as the N30 itself. Use the guide below to determine if you need one of the additional sizes.

Sizing your ResMed AirFit N30i cushion

Step 1 – Download the Sizing Guide by clicking here. Print it in the right dimensions (check the scale).

Step 2 – Place the template below your nose, perpendicular to your face. If you have a narrow nose, start with the blue/red side of the template. If you have a wide nose, start with the black/purple side of the template.

Step 3 – Look into a mirror and assess whether your nose falls inside or outside the margins on the template. If you are between two sizes, choose the larger one.

Step 4 – If your nose is size S (red) or M (blue), select the appropriate cushion from your starter pack. If your nose is SW (purple) or W (black) then you will need to order the cushion in addition to a starter pack; ResMed do not include these as standard with either pack.

If you remain unsure about the cushion sizing, you may instead want to consider the DreamWear from Philips. It is a very similar mask but includes all four cushion sizes in the pack, preventing the need for sizing or any additional cushion purchases.

Additional information

360° Swivels

Mask End, Tube End

CE Certified


Chin Support


Crown Strap

Removable, Yes

Cushion Material


Forehead Support


Headgear Attachment Method

Magnetic Catch

Includes Headgear?


Headgear Adjustment Points




Latex Free


User Manual Languages


Manufacturer's Warranty

90 Days

Mask Size

Small, Standard

Mask Type

Nasal Cushion

Quick-Release Method

over catch, Pull from magnet

Replaceable Cushion


Mask Fit Insurance is available for this mask

If you are considering trying this mask for the first time, you can order in confidence using Mask Fit Insurance.

Mask Fit Insurance costs £14.99 for nasal masks and £19.99 for full face masks, and allows you to return this mask for a refund if unsuitable.

You have 28 days from the dispatch date to assess the mask and notify us that you are unhappy with it for any reason. You can return it and have it refunded (we must receive it back within 7 days of being notified).

The fee for the insurance is non-refundable once the mask is opened, nor are any outgoing postage costs. The mask itself will be refunded in full.

A pre-paid returns label will be included for customers in the UK. We strongly recommend getting a proof of postage (which is free) as returns not received cannot be refunded. For overseas customers, the return postage will need to be arranged by the customer and this cannot be reimbursed.

CPAP masks purchased without insurance cannot be returned/refunded once opened for hygiene reasons, as explained in our returns policy.

Mask Fit Insurance must be ordered at the same time as the mask in question, and cannot be added retroactively.

Intus Healthcare reserve the right not to honour any orders containing multiple masks purchased with Insurance; please instead choose which mask you feel is most suitable and select the size required as per the sizing gauge (if applicable). Should you subsequently determine a different mask or size is required, you can of course return the first and order the other.

If you need any further information, please use the chat function (if available), or contact us.