Anti-Snoring Belt from Oscimed SA


The Anti-Snoring Belt is a comfortable treatment option for snoring and Positional Sleep Apnoea.

The simple device helps you sleep on your side, producing small vibrations when you turn on your back so you return to your side.

Designed with breathable fabric and adjustable vibration levels for your preferred intensity. The comfortable belt can be used every day and is easy to clean! Available in multiple sizes: S/M/L is for people with a chest circumference under 100cm (40 inches), and XL/XXL is suitable for those above it.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This device is unsuitable for people with a pacemaker or latex allergy.

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Oscimed Anti-Snoring Belt

The Oscimed Anti-Snoring Belt is a snoring solution and an effective Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (POSA) treatment.

Snoring is most likely to happen while sleeping on your back, as the muscles in the throat relax and drop, causing snoring sounds and airway obstructions.

The device produces small vibrations to stop you from sleeping on your back, preventing obstructions. The belt is adjustable to fit most and is made with a gentle, lightweight, breathable fabric preventing perspiration and is designed to be worn across the waist or chest. The device has two clips that allow it to be worn without a belt, directly on an undergarment.

How the belt works

When the device detects you are sleeping on your back, it produces small vibrations with brief intervals until you return to sleeping on your side.

The small electronic device is attached to a comfortable belt and worn on the waist or chest while sleeping.

Benefits of the device

  • Trains patients to sleep in healthy positions comfortably
  • Effective snoring and POSA treatment
  • Comfortable and easy to wear

Adjustable and adaptable

The simple-to-use belt can be easily adjusted to your preferred vibration intensity. Simply press the middle button and adjust to your required intensity. The adaptable device can be set to a higher level for those who sleep very deeply or those with a higher BMI.

Available in two different sizes, depending on chest circumference:

  • Size S/M/L is suitable for users with a chest circumference between 70 and 100 centimetres.
  • Size XL/XXL is suitable for users with a chest circumference between 100 and 125 centimetres.

Suitable for Positional Sleep Apnoea patients

The device is a reliable treatment option for those with Positional Sleep Apnoea (POSA). Those with this type of Sleep Apnoea typically only experience apnoea events (breathing pauses) when sleeping on their backs, causing the tongue to obstruct the airway. The belt can effectively treat POSA by training you to sleep on your side.

Simple to clean

As the device is designed for everyday use, cleaning it regularly with a damp cloth is recommended. Designed to be cleaned by hand only.

Please note: You should never rinse it under the tap or lay it in water.

Refer to the user manual for more cleaning advice.

What’s included?

  • 1 Anti-snoring/ Positional Sleep Apnoea control therapy device
  • 1 Adjustable belt
  • 2 Adjustable fixing clips
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • User manual

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This device is not suitable for people who use a pacemaker or those with a latex allergy.

Additional information



CE/UKCA Certified




VAT relief eligible



2 Years

Latex Free



30g (without batteries)

Dimensions with fixing clips

7.5 x 3.8 x 1.8 cm

Battery lifetime

From 2 to 6 months

Power supply

2 type AAA 1.5 V alkaline batteries


Class I medical device in compliance with the European Directive MDR 2017/ 745