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Universal CPAP Chin Strap


The CPAPHero Universal CPAP Chin Strap prevents CPAP users’ mouths from opening during the night.

The latex-free, adjustable and flexible fabric is designed to prevent mouth air leaks by holding the mouth closed during CPAP therapy. 

The chin strap design follows the shape of the user’s face for comfortable chin support.

Please note this is not an anti-snoring chin strap.

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Maximise CPAP Effectiveness

A chin strap maximises the benefits of your therapy by encouraging you to breathe through your nose and keep your mouth closed.

Prevents Air leaks

40% of CPAP users suffer from the common side effect – a dry mouth.

And this is caused by mouth air leaks; by using a chin strap,  a dry mouth and dry nasal passages are prevented.

The soft chin strap material holds your chin in a comfortable and suitable position.  Encouraging you to breathe through your nose to stop a dry mouth or nasal passage.

Effortlessly Effective

An affordable way to instantly get a better night’s sleep.

After one night of using a chin strap, people notice the effectiveness, as no more air leaks escape from their mouths.

Get the most out of your therapy with this product.

Suitable for any nasal pillows or nasal cushion mask

Please note: These are only to be used with a CPAP machine; these are not for treating or preventing snoring.