Universal CPAP Chin Strap from CPAPHero



The CPAPHero Universal CPAP Chin Strap prevents the mouth from opening during the night.

The latex-free, adjustable and flexible neoprene fabric is designed to prevent mouth air leaks by holding the mouth closed during CPAP therapy. 

The chin strap design follows the shape of the user’s face for comfortable chin support.

Please note this is not an anti-snoring chin strap.

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Maximise Comfort with a CPAP Chin Strap

Chin straps are great for making sure you breathe through your nose and to avoid a dry mouth. If you use a nasal CPAP mask, then a chin strap will gently stop your mouth from opening while you sleep and ensure you get the most effective Sleep Apnoea therapy. The chin strap is made from a soft and slightly padded neoprene fabric.

Around 40% of CPAP users suffer from mouth leaks. This means their therapy is not as effective as it should be because some of the air pressure is escaping. A chin strap is an instant, comfortable and affordable way to eradicate that problem.

The Universal CPAP Chin Strap from CPAPHero is a One-Size-Fits-All design, made of a stretchy, breathable material and is worn over the head and under the chin. The strap is adjustable, so it can be tightened or loosened to achieve a secure and comfortable fit.

Please note that chin straps are designed to complement CPAP therapy. On their own, they do not treat snoring or Sleep Apnoea.


Optimises Comfort & Reduce Leaks

An affordable way to instantly get a better night’s sleep. People generally notice the effectiveness of a chin strap after just one night of using one. A reduction in air leaks escaping from the mouth can instantly improve your CPAP therapy experience.


Suitable for use with any nasal pillows or nasal cushion masks.

Please note: These are only to be used with a CPAP machine; these are not for treating or preventing snoring.

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Keeping your mouth closed during sleep; improving CPAP effectiveness and reducing dry mouth



What is a CPAP chin strap?

A chin strap is a device that is worn around the head and chin to help keep the mouth closed during sleep. It is often used as a treatment for snoring and Sleep Apnoea, as keeping the mouth closed can help to keep the airway open and reduce the frequency of snoring and Apnoea events.

Chin straps are typically made of a stretchy, breathable material and are designed to be worn over the head and under the chin. They are usually adjustable, so they can be tightened or loosened to achieve a secure and comfortable fit.

It’s important to note that while chin straps can be effective for some people with snoring or Sleep Apnoea, they may not work for everyone. They are usually used in combination with other treatment methods, such as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy or positional therapy. It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting any new treatment.

Do CPAP chin straps work?

Yes, a CPAP chin strap is a simple way to prevent your mouth from dropping open during the night. The prevention of mouth breathing helps to improve CPAP compliance and comfort.

Can a chin strap replace a CPAP?

No, a chin strap should never replace your CPAP therapy but rather work in unison with it to improve your comfort. Those who wear a nasal mask and breathe through their mouth find a CPAP chin strap beneficial as it prevents their mouths from opening, stopping air leaks and dryness.

What are the benefits of wearing a chin strap?

The benefits of using a chin strap include the following:

  • Prevention of air leaks
  • Prevention of dry mouth, nose and throat
  • Stops breathing from your mouth
  • It allows you to get the sleep you need.