DreamStation 2 CPAP Machine Filters from Philips

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Replacement disposable ultra-fine and reusable pollen filters for the Philips DreamStation 2 auto CPAP machine only.

Your CPAP filters ensure you breathe in healthy, purified air pressure; they help to remove bacteria, pollen, dust, and tobacco smoke particles before you breathe them in through your CPAP mask.

Replacing your filters is an essential part of maintaining the life of your CPAP machine and supplies. Replacing and cleaning your filters helps you gain the most benefits from your therapy, protecting your respiratory tract against pathogens and irritants.

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Replacement CPAP Filters for Philips DreamStation 2

Replacement disposable ultra-fine and reusable pollen CPAP filters for the Philips DreamStation 2 CPAP machine only.

How to clean and take care of your DreamStation filters

Your DreamStation 2 machine requires two types of filters to run efficiently; these are disposable and reusable filters. Please refer to your user manual when handling your CPAP filters.

Here is some advice to help you get the most from your CPAP filters:

  • You can find your filters when sliding out your humidifier chamber, where you will find the filters access area. Your disposable filters sit on top of your reusable filters.
  • Your thin disposable filters are blue and should be disposed of after 30 days of use, as they cannot be rinsed and reused.
  • Your reusable filters are grey and should be cleaned every two weeks. Wash these thoroughly under tap water to remove any dirt, and set these aside once cleaned to air dry. These filters should be replaced every six months
  • Once you have cleaned or replaced your filters, slot them back into the access area and slide your humidifier chamber in.

You may notice your machine is not delivering sufficient air pressure; this is when you should check your filters. If your filters have darkened or look discoloured, then they need cleaning or replacing to ensure you breathe in clean air pressure.

What happens if you don’t change CPAP filters?

Your filters catch bacteria and dirt particles to protect you from breathing them in. If you do not change your filters when necessary, it will decrease the lifespan of your equipment and put you at risk of pathogens and irritants.