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Need to run your SleepCube via a cigarette lighter plug in your car, caravan, boat or from any other battery with cigarette lighter plug? Order the SleepCube Cigarette Lighter DC Power Cord today!

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Using your DeVilbiss SleepCube Standard or AutoAdjust outside its usual bedroom surroundings is very simple. Not only does the unit include a convenient travel bag, you can also hook up your SleepCube APAP/CPAP to a 12V DC power source if mains power is not a (reliable) option.

The cigarette lighter cable is 2m long.

SleepCube Travel Information

International Power Changes – Your DeVilbiss SleepCube is equipped with a universal power supply. This means that it is automatically capable of accepting line voltages of 100 to 240V~ 50/60Hz. You do not need to make any adjustments to the device if you are traveling to another country where the line voltage is different than your domestic line voltage. Simply bring a quality wall plug adaptor or buy the correct “figure of eight” power cord for the region in which you will be traveling.

Altitude – Your SleepCube automatically compensates for changes in altitude between sea level and 9000 ft (2750 m). You do not need to make adjustments to the device for changes in altitude.

SleepCube 12V DC Operation

Your SleepCube can be operated from a 12V DC power source in a motor home, boat or other recreational vehicle or via a portable 12V battery. Whether you want to run the PAP device via a cigarette lighter plug or straight off the battery, we have the right cable (set) for you. Both accessory cables are required for stand-alone battery operation. The stand-alone battery connection uses clamps that attach to the terminal connections of the battery. So you have two options:

  • With this 619 Cable you can run the SleepCube from an existing cigarette lighter plug as found in cars and caravans.
  • Get both this 619 and 696 cable (see right) if you don’t yet have a cigarette lighter type plug but do have a battery with positive and negative terminals you have access to.

No Humidification on 12V DC

The heater for the SleepCube’s humidification system will not operate directly from a 12V DC power source. If you need humidification, passover humidification is still available. Alternately, instead of connecting 12V DC power directly to the SleepCube, you can pass the DC power through an inverter that will deliver AC power to the system. This will allow the heater to function. The power rating of the inverter must be at least 200 watts @ 110V~ / 400 watts @ 220V~.

Auto-switching between AC & DC

The SleepCube will automatically switch power sources between AC and 12V DC if both sources are available. If your unit is connected to both AC and 12V DC power sources, it will operate on AC power as long as AC power is present, and automatically switch to 12V DC power if AC power is lost. When AC power is restored, it will return to the AC source. This is a great feature for those who experience unreliable mains power. If an outage occurs, the PAP device will automatically draw from the battery. You do not need to reset or adjust any settings when the power source switches, but remember that your heater will not operate on 12V DC.

This cable is 260cm (8′ 6″) in length.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 2 cm

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

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24 Months

CE/UKCA Certified


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Compatible with

SleepCube CPAP machines only

Cable length

2 meters

Cable plug type

Cigarette lighter

Mains or DC

12v DC