InfoUSB Stick for SleepStyle


Replacement InfoUSB memory card stick for use with F&P SleepStyle devices from 2018 onwards.

It is not compatible with any other CPAP machines.

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Designed to enhance the SleepStyle machine’s functionality and user experience, this USB stick is a powerful complement, providing users and healthcare professionals with valuable information and insights to optimise therapy outcomes.


How much data does the USB stick hold?

The USB Stick is a compact and innovative data storage device that can hold up to 3 months of sleep data.


How do I use the USB stick?

Users can insert the USB stick into a compatible computer or laptop that runs the dedicated software to access the data. This software enables the user to view comprehensive reports and detailed analytics generated from the data collected by the CPAP machine and stored on the USB stick. The reports include daily, weekly, and monthly summaries, making it easy for users to track their sleep patterns and progress.

The USB Stick will capture and store relevant sleep data from the machine. It securely records therapy-related information during each night’s use, such as usage hours, leak rates, AHI (Apnoea-Hypopnea Index), pressure settings, and compliance data. This wealth of information is essential for users and healthcare providers to monitor treatment progress, adjust therapy settings, and assess the effectiveness of their CPAP therapy.


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Please note that this Info USB memory card is incompatible with any other machine.

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Fisher & Paykel

VAT relief eligible


Made In

New Zealand




3 Months

CE/UKCA Certified


Compatible with

F&P SleepStyle Machines

Memory Capacity

The USB stick will hold and store up to 3 months of data.