Somnolis Mandibular Advancement Device

The Somnolis MAD provides a low-cost method of evaluating the effectiveness of mandibular advancement for your snoring or OSA. It is effectively a trial, which if effective allows you to purchase a longer-term MAD with confidence. Mandibular advancement is a proven method of treating snoring and mild to moderate OSA, so why not try and Somnolis to find out how this method of treatment could benefit you?

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Is Mandibular Advancement for you? Use Somnolis to find out!

As the entry-level version of the Somnofit MAD, this Somnolis Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAD) is the most affordable way to try this method of oral appliance therapy to reduce snoring. You simply fold the two parts together and put it in your mouth when you go to sleep.

The lower part pushes the lower jaw (mandible) forward just slightly, creating more space in the back of the throat for uninterrupted breathing. At the same time it tenses the tissue in the back of the throat, making them less floppy and therefore less prone to vibrations resulting in the dreaded sound of snoring. (Try it now by lying on your back, then push your lower jaw forward a bit and feel how you can breathe more easily.)

The Somnolis is ideal to take with you when visiting friends or family, or when travelling abroad, avoiding the embarrassment of your snoring keeping everyone awake. Note that it is not recommended as a permanent solution for snoring and certainly not for sleep apnoea. If you suspect sleep apnoea (breathing lapses) please book a sleep study and/or consult your doctor. For simple snoring, the Somnolis MAD can be the perfect introduction to treatment with a mouth splint.

Please note: This product is designed to be a “proof of concept” device. The intention is for it to used to find out if Mandibular Advancement is an effective method of treating your snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, as a short-term option for periods such as a weekend away. It is not intended to be a long-term solution. If effective, it is then recommended to move onto a longer-term option such as the Somnofit.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 cm
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8 reviews for Somnolis Mandibular Advancement Device


    Good price but I couldn’t use it. Purchased as I wanted to try it instead of a cpap machine for my mild OSA. I could only wear it for 1 hour and could not wear it beyond that. Uncomfortable. I’d never have lasted the night. It was difficult to keep mouth shut so the constant open mouth caused a build up of saliva and dribble over an hour. I removed it and went back to cpap. Thankfully at £20 it wasn’t a massive loss of money to realise that this device is not for me. It it was £50 I’d have been really cheesed off.

    M H H

    Great value for money. Great value for money .


    Great Product. I bought this MAD as the last resort after trying out on the advice of my Sleep Studies Specialist the Upper and Lower fixed MAD`s which pushed my lower jaw out * too far * causing chronic ache which woke me up .This Somnolis MAD is superb fitting ,takes no time to get used to and is fully adjustable .Comfortabally allowing the bottom jaw to be eased forward …I have Mild OSA and after discussing the merits of this product I will have another at home sleep study in a few weeks time using the Somnolis … if improvement can be shown I will advance to the Somnofit .I feel refreshed abd much more alert during the day already.


    Quiet night’s sleep = happy wife!. I’ve had OSA for some time and it’s been gradually getting worse. I tried another, more expensive, product some years ago but I couldn’t get on with it as it made breathing through the mouth difficult and I was gagging. However, I can honestly say that the very first night I tried this, it worked. Result. It can slip at night but you need to tweak size of the retaining band you use. Absolutely recommended by me and my wife.


    An excellent starter Mandibular Splint. I bought this as I suspect I have sleep apnea and wanted to see if I could do something about it whilst waiting for the glacial NHS to get round to action. I found this INTUS device easy to set up and use. When I wear the device, my Fitbit app shows a solid hour of deep sleep – something I’ve not seen before. My bllod pressure has also dropped from 150/100 to about 120/85, so I’v delighted. I’ve since bought a more expensive MAD from another vendor and have gone back to the INTUS as it’s smaller and works better.


    Badly designed product. Purchased this after discovering I have UARS. Unfortunately this product was totally useless to me. I was enticed by the low price point, however as far as function goes it was pointless. Because of the way the product is designed, it is effectively ‘prying’ your mouth open the entire time, so for it to stay in place you’d have to be clenching your mouth closed the whole time. Not only is that not good for your jaw, it’s also impossible whilst your sleep. Ended up throwing this in the bin.

    Sandy 7464

    Best device for snorers. My husband snores at night. He always used to wake up with a sinus headache and not having a good night sleep. So I decided to look for gadgets for him to stop snoring. I had bought him one in the past but that required moulding the device by inserting it in hot water first and then fitting it in his mouth. He hated it and after 2 days gave up.

    But now this mandibular device just sits well in his mouth. Although his jaw hurt and teeth too, after persevering for a week, he loves it. Wakes up with a clear head, thank goodness.


    Uncomfortable. I bought this as an experiment to see if it would push my lower jaw forward. But the device seemed to be too wide for my mouth, and to get the device to sit correctly it would need to be pushed further in to my mouth than is comfortable. I tried the different straps but the problem for me was the bottom part. It just wouldn’t sit correctly or comfortably.

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