Somnolis Mandibular Advancement Device from Oscimed SA


The Somnolis MAD provides a low-cost method of evaluating the effectiveness of mandibular advancement for your snoring or Sleep Apnoea.

Mandibular advancement is a proven method of treating snoring and mild to moderate OSA. The appliance gently pulls the jaw and tongue forward to prevent breathing pauses.

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Somnolis Mandibular Advancement Device

As the entry-level version of the Somnofit MAD, this Somnolis Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAD) is the most affordable way to try this method of oral appliance therapy to reduce snoring. You simply fold the two parts together and put them in your mouth when you go to sleep.

The lower part pushes the lower jaw (mandible) forward just slightly, creating more space in the back of the throat for uninterrupted breathing. At the same time, it tenses the tissue in the back of the throat, making them less floppy and therefore less prone to vibrations resulting in the dreaded sound of snoring.

The Somnolis is ideal to take with you when travelling abroad, avoiding the embarrassment of your snoring keeping everyone awake. Note that it is not recommended as a permanent solution for snoring and Sleep Apnoea.

If you suspect Sleep Apnoea (breathing pauses) please book a sleep test.

For simple snoring, the Somnolis MAD can be the perfect introduction to treatment with a mouth splint.

Please note: This product is designed to be a “proof of concept” device. The intention is for it to used to find out if Mandibular Advancement is an effective method of treating your snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, as a short-term option for periods such as a weekend away. It is not intended to be a long-term solution. If effective, it is then recommended to move onto a longer-term option such as the Somnofit.

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