AirFit F10 Full Face CPAP Mask

The ResMed AirFit F10 Full Face CPAP Mask is an evolution of the hugely successful Quattro FX mask, building on the concept of a minimal-contact full face CPAP mask and enhancing the benefits further. It it the lightest full face mask currently available and among the quietest, too.

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You can find replacement parts for the AirFit F10 Full Face CPAP mask here.

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If you are considering trying this mask for the first time, you can order in confidence using Mask Fit Insurance and have to option to return this mask for a refund if unsuitable. See the Mask-Fit Insurance section below for more information.

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ResMed AirFit 10 – the lightest silicone full face CPAP mask

The ResMed AirFit F10 Full Face CPAP Mask is an evolution of the hugely successful Quattro FX mask, building on the concept of a minimal-contact full face CPAP mask and enhancing the benefits further; adding a near-silent exhalation valve and a quick-release elbow.

The AirFit F10 is the lightest silicone full face mask currently available (although the cloth SleepWeaver Anew is the overall lightest).

The ResMed AirFit F10 does not use a forehead support, meaning your vision is not impeded and allows you the freedom to wear glasses if desired. The last of a forehead bar, combined with its minimal design and light weight makes the F10 a good option for those who find regular masks too invasive or claustrophobic (though a hybrid CPAP mask may be an even better solution if you have this problem).

Inflatable cushion for greater comfort

The inflatable air cushion, inspired by the SleepWeaver mask range, helps to reduce facial pressure and improve the quality of the seal. Rather than the mask being pushed away from the face by the pressure, the seal is actually pushed towards the face, making it more comfortable and easier to get a reliable seal. The AirFit F10 is comparable to the Weinmann JoyceOne Full Face and Fisher & Paykel Simplus masks for comfort.

The AirFit F10 uses ResMed’s new SoftEdge headgear, which is lightweight and flexible and allow the mask to bit fitted securely with less pressure required than most other masks. ResMed supply all sizes of this mask with Medium sized headgear, you can get alternative sizes separately if required, although the medium headgear should be the vast majority regardless of the size of the mask itself.

The JoyceOne-style radial exhalation port (or “circular venting”) disperses air around the circumference of the elbow, reducing the noise (particularly whistling) that can affect the usual single-direction exhalation port, especially at higher pressures. Instead, the AirFit F10 rivals the JoyceOne for quietness. The elbow itself is quick release, making it easy to get up during the night without having to remove, and therefore re-fit, the mask.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
360° Swivels

Mask End, Tube End



CE Certified


Chin Support


Crown Strap

Fixed, Yes

Cushion Material


Forehead Support


Headgear Attachment Method

Velcro Strap & Loop

Includes Headgear?


Headgear Adjustment Points




Latex Free


Made In


User Manual Languages


Manufacturer's Warranty

90 Days

Mask Size

Large, Medium, Small

Mask Type

Full Face

Quick-Release Method

pull through loop, Undo Velcro

Replaceable Cushion


Mask Fit Insurance is available for this mask

If you are considering trying this mask for the first time, you can order in confidence using Mask Fit Insurance.

Mask Fit Insurance costs £14.99 for nasal masks and £19.99 for full face masks, and allows you to return this mask for a refund if unsuitable.

You have 28 days from the dispatch date to assess the mask and notify us that you are unhappy with it for any reason. You can return it and have it refunded (we must receive it back within 7 days of being notified).

The fee for the insurance is non-refundable once the mask is opened, nor are any outgoing postage costs. The mask itself will be refunded in full.

A pre-paid returns label will be included for customers in the UK. We strongly recommend getting a proof of postage (which is free) as returns not received cannot be refunded. For overseas customers, the return postage will need to be arranged by the customer and this cannot be reimbursed.

CPAP masks purchased without insurance cannot be returned/refunded once opened for hygiene reasons, as explained in our returns policy.

Mask Fit Insurance must be ordered at the same time as the mask in question, and cannot be added retroactively.

Intus Healthcare reserve the right not to honour any orders containing multiple masks purchased with Insurance; please instead choose which mask you feel is most suitable and select the size required as per the sizing gauge (if applicable). Should you subsequently determine a different mask or size is required, you can of course return the first and order the other.

If you need any further information, please use the chat function (if available), or contact us.

6 reviews for AirFit F10 Full Face CPAP Mask


    A great mask with innovative venting. Recently I’d settled on the F&P Eson nasal mask as the best for me, and the Resmed P10 for a pillows mask, the qualities I value after of course comfort being quietness and good diffusion of the vented air. The F&P Simplus has fitted the bill very well on the comfort and quietness properties but the air vent is pretty much a staight out-and-up angle, not good if sleeping towards your partner!

    So rather than replace the headgear on the Simplus I bought an F10 full face mask.

    The mask is notably very lightweight and comes fully assembled, It’s not immediately clear how it dismantles but reading the instructions shows how the frame, cushion and elbow come apart. It has a quick release elbow which is handy if you need to get up in the night, especially as the mask does not have quick release clips (the headgear hooks onto the frame directly).

    The cushion is a silky finished silicone, similar to that of the F&P masks and unlike the smooth, sticky finish of the Quattro FX (a mask I had a love hate relationship with) – it’s very thin and light and sits out of your sight line very well. It’s a double cushion with a thin outer membrane in contact with the face and a thicker support membrane inside giving it shape – when your cpap is on it inflates the gap between to make a seal which is very good.

    The headgear is simple with a great range of adjustment. There is no forehead stabiliser, and I am finding it requires a tighter fit to stay in place (and a grease free face!) – initially a little too tight for comfort coming from the Simplus but after a couple of nights it’s fine. Top of the mask is held by plastic arms (with removable cloth covers) that do not touch my face, this mask leaves no marks on my face in the morning which is very nice but can be displaced by side sleeping (fixed by tightening the headgear)

    Venting is innovative, the vent is arranged in a circle around the connector to the elbow and vents equally in all directions, parallel to your face. There is no jet of air in any direction, this is the best diffuser I’ve had on a full face mask yet. It has a distinct hiss but it’s not obtrusive.

    It comes apart quickly and easily for cleaning – and is very easy to keep clean with soap and warm water like any other mask.

    So I’m torn again looking for the perfect full face mask, the Simplus is definitely the most comfortable yet with its wonderful cushion design but has a primitive vent arrangement. The P10 is less stable and needs tighter straps to stay in place but leaves no marks and has brilliant venting, clear sight lines and is very light. I’d recommend both equally and anyone who’s using a Quattro FX but wants something even lighter may want to try the P10 (or who’s partner is complaining about vents).


    An unusual design that works surprisingly well. I have come from a full face ‘Mojo’ mask that after 4 years split its gel seal and I couldn’t find a replacement part. I’m glad to see that the AirFit F10 has replacement parts available.

    I was wary of how well this unorthodox design would work, but I have been pleasantly surprised.

    Retained with two lower side straps that simply hook on to the main mask, and just as simply unhook themselves, the F10 provides a less claustrophobic full mask experience.

    The first thing that you notice is the lack of weight. When it arrived in a cupboard box I thought the box was empty until I opened it up. It weights next to nothing which means it is a joy to wearing. Just the hose and the mild pressure of the mask seals on your face tell you that you are wearing something. This is a far better experience than the Mojo. No red marks in the morning either.

    I read a review where the writer said they needed to pull the straps (top and bottom) quite tight it get a good seal. I have had no such problem. In fact I have experimented using just one of the lower side straps and keeping the other unfastened for more freedom. Not a recommendation, because things might move around while you are asleep, but a measure of how well the mask fits me.

    I have a large mask, and a very large face/head, but the silicone seal works extremely well. It comprises of two ‘flaps’ of silicone providing a kind of dual seal. It is far superior to the soft gel filled seal on my Mojo, and my partner reports that the occasional ‘jet of air’ she has had to roll over to avoid has disappeared!

    Next is noise. This was a particular concern of mine and I admit was top of my wish-list. I can confidently report that after two weeks use there simply isn’t any noise to speak of. The mask is virtually silent, so much so I am now thinking of getting one of those noise reducers that you fit to the hose, because the hose is the only thing making a sound (OK, my Philips System One CPAP can be heard, but you can’t have everything?).

    The lack of noise and absence of jets of expelled air has been a revelation and has changed the way I sleep. No longer do I retreat self-consciously to the other side of the bed. Now I feel comfortable to cuddle up and go to sleep without being responsible for hurricane noises, etc!

    I have scored the ‘Value’ of the mask with two stars because I think that CPAP masks are ridiculously expensive. £130 is too much IMO, but most full face masks are around this price, so please ignore my ‘protest’ vote 🙂

    Overall, a full face mask is always going to be a purchase that you hope turns out well, but can never guarantee. The question of fit is so subjective; these reviews inherently have their limitations. Some will fit the F10 beautifully, others will not, and I cannot think of a way to be more helpful on this subject. Yes, the straps are fully adjustable, and personally I would go for the larger size if you are in doubt. Also, some folk will be better at adjusting the mask for a good fit.

    With all that said and done, I highly recommend the F10. It is an usual mask that has exceeded my expectations. If you want silence and lack of weight I cannot think of a better mask to buy.

    Thanks for reading,



    OK for a beard wearer. This is my first full face mask after many years of a nasal mask which I found increasingly uncomfortable because of pressure under my nose. My two concerns were:

    Being bearded the mask would not seal under my mouth

    Being physically larger it would become dislodged and cause noise.

    At first both these problems occurred but both were cured by tightening the lower straps. With a nasal mask tightening the straps caused too much pressure under the nose but with this unit comfort was maintained and the seal is good. I have a rather ancient pump unit and it takes a little time to settle down each night but then works fine. I am very pleased and more than a little relieved that a quite expensive mask works so well


    The first mask that I have found does not leak.. The first mask that I have found does not leak. Nothing more to add!


    the best part is that I can’t say much about it. this mask is the one that was originally prescribed by the doctor and I just bought a replacement. I don’t have a lot to say because I am sleep wen I wear it. and that is the main advantage: is comfortable, a good fit, light and it does not move. put it on and forget it. it works just a well with a beard that is a few days long. no hassle.

    Just as important, it was delivered quickly when my previous one started failing after more than a year. good product and good service. I will certainly buy another one


    Good Mask. This is my perspiration mask, it is the only one I’ve ever tried. Easy to use and unclip the hose without taking off the head gear to go the bathroom in the night. Good secure fitting to my face even with a light beard. It is very quiet too.

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Can I get replacement parts for the ResMed AirFit F10?

You can purchase various parts for this CPAP mask on the ResMed AirFit F10 Mask Parts page

The parts available for purchase include the Resmed AirFit F10 Headgear in small, medium and large (codes 63165 63164 63166 respectively), as well as the Airfit AirFit F10 Cushion in extra small, small, medium and large (codes 62736, 63737, 62738 and 62739 respectively).

Will the Airfit F10 mask work with my CPAP Machine?

All of the masks we sell, including the ResMed AirFit F10, are compatible with all CPAP machines regardless of manufacturer. Your CPAP machine does not need to be made by ResMed in order for the AirFit F10 to be compatible.

Will the AirFit F10 CPAP mask fit me?

The Resmed AirFit F10 Full Face has 3 sizes available for purchase; small, medium and large.

A fitting guide can be found in the downloads tab of this product.

However, as with any CPAP mask having the correct size does not guarantee that the ResMed AirFit F10 will fit – however it gives you the best chance of getting a comfortable and secure seal.

What cushion material does the AirFit F10 use?

The ResMed AirFit F10 is a silicone CPAP mask.

How can I look after this mask?

It’s recommended that your mask should be washed daily, avoiding antibacterial soap as it will cause damage to the silicone mask cushion. Also washing your face before applying the mask will be beneficial to your quality of CPAP therapy.

We have a number of products to help keep your Resmed F10 in peak condition, we would suggest picking up some of these products:

Mask Wipes

Why would I need a full face mask?

A full face mask is recommended if you breathe through your mouth while you sleep, even if only for short periods. The Resmed F10 Full Face mask will allow CPAP therapy for both the nasal passageways as well as the mouth.

When will I need to replace my mask cushion?

It is recommended to replace your Resmed F10 Full Face mask cushion every nine months on average. The headgear should be replaced as and when the elasticity is no longer effective. Both can be found on the Airfit F10 Parts page

It can sometimes be more cost effective to replace the entire mask, particularly if you need both the cushion and the headgear.

It is strongly recommended to replace mask cushions and pillows as soon as they start to soften. This will lead to air leaks which will reduce the effectiveness of CPAP.

Are there any alternatives to the Resmed F10 Full Face mask?

We have plenty of Full Face masks available for purchase on our online stores. Some other popular full face CPAP masks that are worth considering are:

Circadiance’s SleepWeaver Full Face CPAP Mask

Do I need a prescription to order the AirFit F10 CPAP mask?

No. Only CPAP machines require a prescription; all other items on our site are provided on a self-declared prescription basis during the checkout process.

This mask is out of stock, what do I do?

If you e-mail us at or call us at 0844 504 9999 stating that you are interested in ordering the Resmed F10 Full Face mask we can order it in especially and have it delivered as soon as possible.

Have a specific enquiry about this F10 left unanswered?

Please get in touch – you can email or call 0800 024 8050.