DreamStation 2 Humidifier Water Tank without Lid from Philips


Replacement water chamber for the Philips Respironics DreamStation 2 CPAP Machine only. Humidification adds moisture to your air pressure to increase your comfort. You can easily slide the water chamber in and out of the side of your machine.

It is recommended that you replace your water chamber every six months or when it shows cracks, discolouration or limescale. Ensure you clean your water chamber daily and only fill it with distilled water.

This water chamber does not include the DreamStation 2 water tank lid.

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DreamStation 2 Humidifier Water Chamber no Lid

Replacement water chamber for the Philips Respironics DreamStation 2 CPAP Machine to increase therapy comfort. To optimise comfort, you can use a heated tube; you can find this here.

What’s included?

  • DreamStation 2 humidifier water tank

Can I use tap water with my humidifier?

You should only use distilled water in your DreamStation 2 water chamber to prevent mineral buildup and keep your air pressure healthy.

How to clean your DreamStation 2 water chamber

To get the most from your humidifier, it is recommended to clean your water chamber daily.

The DreamStation 2 water chamber can be cleaned in a dishwasher on the top shelf.

Please use a gentle or light-load wash, not exceeding 65 degrees Celcius.

Once clean, allow the chamber to air dry away from direct sunlight.

When should I replace my DreamStation 2 water chamber?

It is recommended to replace the water chamber every six months. If your water chamber looks cloudy or cracked, it needs to be replaced to ensure you receive clean and healthy air pressure.

If you require a water chamber and lid, you can find this here.

Additional information

CE Certified




Water capacity

325 ml


90 Days