Simplus Full Face Mask from Fisher & Paykel

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The Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask is a soft silicone mask designed for comfort and ease of use.

It sits slightly lower on the nose, eliminating contact from the troublesome nasal bridge area to reduce irritation.

It is simple to take apart of clean, and the ball and socket elbow design allow for greater freedom of movement.

The narrow forehead support frees your field of vision, and use the soft fabric of the headgear as its cushion, rather than plastic or silicone.

Sizing: Please use the Sizing Guide in our Downloads section below.

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If you are considering trying this mask for the first time, you can order in confidence using Mask Fit Insurance and have the option to return this mask for a refund if unsuitable. See the Mask-Fit Insurance section below for more information.

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Total Price: £139.00 with VAT Relief

Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask

The Simplus Full Face Mask from Fisher & Paykel is a new addition to their Full Face Mask range, drawing on the simplistic but effective features of the Eson 2 Nasal Cushion Mask.


Three key components of the Simplus full face mask

Once again, the aim is to provide comfort combined with ease of use, as is typical of Fisher & Paykel’s mask ranges.

Features include:

Automatic adjustments: As seen on their latest Nasal Cushion mask, the Eson 2, the Simplus features a RollFit Seal, which ‘rolls’ back and forth on the nasal bridge allowing automatic adjustment with your movements.

The seal is enhanced with the Integrated Stability Panels, as well as pressure on the nasal bridge is reduced from the RollFit design, contributing to improved comfort.

You may notice that the design of the Simplus is similar to that of the ResMed AirFit F20 mask, and they do indeed share many of the same features.

No pressure: The Simplus also sits that bit further down the nose, taking pressure off the often troublesome nasal bridge, which often gets sore. The main difference is that the Simplus has forehead support, making it more stable and less prone to dislodging. The tube connection can be rotated 360 degrees to reduce tugging on the hose.

Flexible headgear: The ErgoFit headgear is ergonomically designed to be positioned higher on the back of the head, allowing maximum head movement without resulting in dislodging the mask.

The headgear also features Easy-Clip hooks and Velcro tabs, enabling simple fitting and quick removal, with a crown strap at the top of the head enhancing the Simplus‘ stability. Stretch, and Non-stretch panels also allow stretch where required, as well as holding its shape for optimum performance.

Easy to fit: The easy-to-fit Simplus mask makes settling into your therapy simple.


Fisher & Paykel myMask App

The Fisher & Paykel myMask app is free to download onto your smart device. myMask provides step-by-step video guidance and instructions for your CPAP mask, helping you solve common problems.


Forehead support without vision impairment

The narrow forehead support of the Simplus allows a clear line of sight, meaning you can relax in bed whilst watching TV or reading a book if you wish, something not always possible with full face masks.

The forehead support also does not bring any silicone or plastic into contact with your skin; instead, the soft material of the headgear straps effectively provides the cushion, significantly reducing the risk of irritation or discomfort.

The popular ball-and-socket elbow is present on the Simplus also, allowing freedom of movement and reducing drag from the tubing. The Easy Clip Attachment for the cushion makes reassembling the mask after cleaning quick and easy.

The Simplus is intended to bring simplicity to your CPAP treatment without compromising comfort, a welcome addition to the popular Fisher & Paykel range.

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Mask Fit Insurance is available for this mask

If you are considering trying this mask for the first time, you can order in confidence using Mask Fit Insurance.

Mask Fit Insurance costs £14.99 for nasal masks and £19.99 for full face masks, and allows you to return this mask for a refund if unsuitable.

You have 28 days from the dispatch date to assess the mask and notify us that you are unhappy with it for any reason. You can return it and have it refunded (we must receive it back within 7 days of being notified).

The fee for the insurance is non-refundable once the mask is opened, as are any outgoing postage costs. The mask itself will be refunded in full.

A pre-paid returns label will be included for customers in the UK. We strongly recommend getting a proof of postage (which is free) as returns not received cannot be refunded. For overseas customers, the return postage will need to be arranged by the customer and this cannot be reimbursed.

CPAP masks purchased without insurance cannot be returned/refunded once opened for hygiene reasons, as explained in our returns policy.

Mask Fit Insurance must be ordered at the same time as the mask in question, and cannot be added retroactively.

Intus Healthcare reserve the right not to honour any orders containing multiple masks purchased with Insurance; please instead choose which mask you feel is most suitable and select the size required as per the sizing gauge (if applicable). Should you subsequently determine a different mask or size is required, you can of course return the first and order the other.

If you need any further information, please use the chat function (if available), or contact us.

I already own a CPAP machine, will the Simplus Full Face CPAP mask work with it?

Yes of course – the Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face CPAP mask will work with any universal hose/tubing and CPAP machine.

What material is the Simplus Full Face CPAP mask seal/cushion made from?

The Simplus Full Face CPAP mask seal/cushion is made from silicone.

What is the best way to clean my Simplus Full Face CPAP mask?

It is advised to clean your mask’s frame assembly, roll fit silicone seal and swivel connector daily; and your headgear weekly. You should use a combination of mild detergent and warm water. Disassemble your mask and place in the soapy solution, for no longer than 10 minutes. After soaking, rinse thoroughly and then leave to dry, out of direct sunlight.

Is it possible to replace the silicone cushion on my Simplus Full Face CPAP mask, without purchasing a whole new mask?

Yes of course. Individual parts for the Simplus Full Face CPAP mask can be purchased on our website. You can purchase both the Simplus Full Face CPAP mask silicone seal/cushion, and the Simplus Full Face CPAP mask headgear. Both the Simplus Full Face CPAP mask silicone seal/cushion and headgear, are available in multiple sizes. Information regarding both products can be found on their respective individual product pages.

What size Simplus Full Face CPAP mask do I need?

In order to establish the best size of Simplus Full Face CPAP mask for you, please use our Sizing Guide in the Downloads section. This can be printed out, and used in order to establish the best sized mask for you. Please be aware that because of hygiene reasons – the Simplus Full Face CPAP mask is non-returnable, and therefore it is so important to get your sizing right.