SinuAir Nasal Salt Powder 300g Tub

SinuAir is a 100% natural nasal salt with proven effectiveness. It gently cleanses your sinuses and relieves blockages to free up your nasal passages. For CPAP users, this leads to more comfortable and effective therapy and increased compliance. This 300g tub is a great value way of replenshing your supply of SinuAir for use in your existing SinuPulse Elite or other netipot system.

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SinuAir is a proven nasal moisturising and cleansing salt. The natural salts gently relieve blockages, remove pollens and irritants and reduce inflammation to free up your nasal passages. For CPAP users, this leads to more comfortable and effective therapy and increased compliance. Surveys have shown that nasal congestion and irritation is a key reason for CPAP users failing to adhere to their therapy. For optimal results, we recommend using SinuAir salts with the SinuPulse Elite.

SinuAir Nasal Salts are physician recommended, preservative and iodine free, do not result in burning or stinging and can be used as an isotonic or hypertonic solution. To use SinuAir nasal salts, you simply dissolve in water, preferably that has been filtered, distilled or previously boiled, and use your existing applicator to gently cleanse, soothe and moisturise your sinuses.

100% natural, 100% effective

If you are one of the many CPAP users who are being affected by sinus problems, then SinuAir nasal salts are the solution that you’re looking for. This package contains 300 grams of formulated SinuAir powder, for use with your SinuPulse Elite, SinuAir spray bottle, or other netipot system. SinuAir nasal salts are noticeably quicker to dissolve than many alternatives, and is also 100% natural, unlike most over the counter nasal sprays and saline products. This 300g tub will last for approximately two months, making it the best value way to replenishing your supply of SinuAir.

Please be aware that this is not a standalone product, it is simply the nasal salt to be used with your existing nasal cleansing applicator. If you don’t have one, we recommend using this salt in conjunction with the SinuPulse Elite for comprehensive sinus irrigation, or the SinuAir Spray Bottle for a more portable solution.

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