SinuAir Salt Powder Tub (200g) & Spray Bottle from Health Solutions


The SinuAir soothes and moisturises the nasal passages to relieve sinus and allergy discomfort. For use with your SinuPulse Nasal Irrigation Machine, douche or netipot.

With the handy spray bottle, a few squirts of SinuAir Salt Powder removes congestion to help you sleep comfortably.

The dual-purpose saline solution salt can also be breathed in as a mist when using a nebuliser to help relieve breathing difficulty.

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SinuAir Salt Powder Tub & Spray Bottle

Use the SinuAir salt powder with the SinuPulse Elite Nasal Irrigation Machine for a highly effective deep nasal cavity cleanse. Alternatively, you can keep some mixed with water in the spray bottle near your CPAP for a quick rinse; SinuAir helps maintain healthy upper airway passages by washing out irritants and mucous.

How SinuAir works

Mixing a saline solution with the SinuAir Salt Powder Tub & Spray Bottle couldn’t be easier. A measuring scoop allows you to add the salt formula to the spray bottle or SinuPulse, add clean (purified) water, and you are ready to go. You control the amount of salt, so whether you like it strong or need a mild rinse.

Large surveys among CPAP users have shown nasal congestion and upper airway irritation are among the top reason for failure to adhere to CPAP therapy.  A salt-based solution quickly rinses out pollutants, mucous and irritants. The salt’s healing capacity reduces inflammation and irritation, re-opening the nasal passages and making CPAP comfortable.

A couple of squirts up each nostril whilst inhaling through that nostril, followed by blowing your nose gently, can offer instant relief.

SinuAir for nebulisation

The SinuAir salt powder is dual-purpose, providing effective liquid mist medication to help relieve wheezing and breathing difficulties. It is one of the best-selling hypertonic and isotonic sinus rinse kits, which can help to clear your airways and get rid of excess mucus.

SinuAir can be used daily with your nebuliser to support your airways and make breathing comfortable. The high salt concentration can help to dissolve excess mucus and make it easier to cough it up to get rid of it, helping to resolve respiratory discomfort.


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