NEB Nano Spare Parts from Microlife


This is a complete set of replacement parts for the NEB Nano portable nebuliser machine.

To receive effective respiratory relief, your nebuliser parts need to be cleaned and replaced regularly.

This pack includes a replacement nebuliser bottle, mouthpiece, adult mask, children’s mask, air tube and 5 replacement air filters.

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NEB Nano Nebuliser Spare Parts

Complete set of replacement parts for the NEB Nano portable nebuliser machine by Microlife. You can find out when your parts should be replaced when you refer to your machine’s user manual.

Should I wash my nebuliser parts?

To receive healthy medication and increase the lifespan of your nebuliser, you should wash your nebuliser parts every day. You should use warm soapy water to clean your parts to prevent bacteria growth and the risk of infection.

Why do I need to replace my nebuliser filter?

Replacing your nebuliser filter is one of the most important aspects of taking care of your machine. This is because old filters block the airflow to the nebuliser compressor, reducing its output which reduces its effectiveness. Blocked filters also strain the motor decreasing the lifespan of your device.

Please remember: Nebuliser filters cannot be cleaned; you should throw the old filter away – don’t wash it!

What’s included in this set?

Each set contains:

  • Nebuliser bottle
  • Mouthpiece
  • Adult mask
  • Child mask
  • Air tube
  • 5 Air filters

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