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At Intus Healthcare we specialise in therapies for sleep disorders, such as Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) which is a recognised and treatable medical condition.

It is estimated that 1.5 million people in the UK have OSA, and 700,000 people already use a CPAP machine.  we understand that for first time users of CPAP the process can seem a little daunting and overwhelming. With the help of resources we provide online and the help of our trained staff, we can help you choose the right CPAP machine for your needs.

Whether it’s your first CPAP machine, or your tenth, here are the reasons why you should choose Intus Healthcare.

1. CPAP Introductory Guide

Our extensive CPAP introductory guide, “Setting up and Settling in“, provides you with the essential information you need to get up and running with CPAP therapy. It includes comfort tips, cleaning advice, methods of tracking your progress and improvements, contact details for local patient groups and more. Throughout the guide you’ll find tips from experienced CPAP users, addressing the common issues and how they’ve dealt with them.

This comprehensive 21-page guide is included with every CPAP machine we provide. Whether this will be your first CPAP machine or you are already an experienced user, our guide is an invaluable asset with your ongoing therapy.


What others have said about our guide

“This is a well-researched and well-written guide which patients at the start of the CPAP journey and those with experience of CPAP will find useful. It is a readable and supportive booklet which every CPAP user should have beside their machine.”

– St James’s Sleep Apnoea Support Group

“Your guide looks set to be of much-needed help to the new CPAP user. You have included little highlighted anecdotes from actual patients. This will be of great help to new patients; it gives them an understanding of how others have successfully coped, as well as helping to make the guide feel more user-friendly.”

– Marion Maz Mason, author of Sleep Apnoea books for children

“My overall impression is that this is a handy guide.”

– Leading Sleep Consultant.

“I found the guide to be a good basic help for anyone new to CPAP.”

– Queensmessenger, CPAP.co.uk Forums Members.

“I found the guide to be very good, it’s not too overwhelming, and very straight forward, the style of the presentation is also very friendly.”

– Sparticus, CPAP.co.uk Forums Member.

2. Free data reporting service

Almost all of the machines that we provide have data reporting functionality. This feature means that the CPAP machine keeps track of how your therapy is going. Information like: how long the machine is being used, how often it is being used, how effective it is and what pressures it is using to treat your OSA. 

We can analyse that data with our Data Report Service, let you know how you are getting on and provide tips and advice on how to further improve your therapy. If we can see any tweaks that can be made to your machine’s settings, or to your mask  to enhance performance we can advise you on the steps to take. We do not charge for this service for the first 12 months after purchase, and we can keep you informed about how things are going whenever you would like an update.

Here is an example of how our data reporting service can improve therapy.

Data Reporting Service | Intus Healthcare

In this example, the person didn’t feel that CPAP was helping. While their tiredness had improved, it was still significant. Below is a small snippet from their data report:

We identified that he was having severe leak issues from the mask, which was resulting in a poor level of therapy. Their AHI was above the target threshold of five (below which is considered ‘normal’). Our team provided some advice on how to address this issue, and a month later, we ran another data report. You can see below the difference it made.

When you buy a CPAP machine from us, you’re also purchasing our commitment to getting the therapy working for you, with your cooperation. Together we’ll address any issues you may have and ensure your therapy works as well as possible, and you get the sleep you deserve and improve your life.

3. Knowledge and experience

As sleep experts, we are well placed to advise you before and throughout, your CPAP therapy. We have provided CPAP equipment to thousands of customers for many years throughout Europe, and our experience and knowledge of Sleep Apnoea and CPAP therapy allows us to provide accurate advice and suggestions for your specific circumstances. Our prompt, friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Team are available by phone or email whenever you need any guidance or assistance.

4. Speed and honesty you can rely on

We aim to dispatch all our CPAP machines and equipment by the next working day. We use UK couriers for UK orders and a prompt international courier for the rest of Europe. We know how vital CPAP is to those with OSA, and how important it is that all your orders are delivered as quickly as possible. We keep good supplies of the most popular machines, masks and other items to ensure they can be despatched as soon as possible, and the accompanying documentation is received too.

Our direct relationship with many of the major CPAP manufacturers means that even if an item isn’t available in our warehouse, we can usually obtain it within 48 hours. Need an item in a hurry? call us, and we can let you know precisely what the stock situation is. We’ll give you honest and accurate delivery estimates, a range of delivery options (such as Saturday delivery) and ensure you get what you need promptly.


Our speed isn’t restricted only to delivery. Call us during our working hours, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and you’ll almost always go straight through to one of the Customer Care Team. In the unlikely event of getting our answering machine during work hours, you’ll be called back within ten minutes.

Our average response times to emails is around six hours, with 80% answered within two. However you choose to contact us, you can be sure of a prompt response – before and after ordering.

5. A real company, with real employees

Whilst we are primarily an online retailer, we take every opportunity to meet CPAP patients in person. We attend and exhibit at almost all patient days throughout the UK, as well as attending major healthcare conferences in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. If you are a member of a patient group, then come and see us at their next meeting – there’s a good chance we’ll be there!

These meetings are an excellent opportunity for us to meet you and provide help and advice in-person. Plus you can get hands-on with the latest CPAP equipment and meet other Sleep Apnoea patients.

Not a member of a patient group? No problem. Join up to our mailing list, contact us, and we can give you all the information you need about upcoming events. Below are a few pictures of us exhibiting at previous patient days.

We look forward to meeting you at one soon!

6. Intus Healthcare is just the start

Whatever you need to know about CPAP, you should find the solution on our website. Whether you need a sizing gauge or brochure for a mask, advice on whether or not a humidifier would be beneficial for you, to deciding what type of mask would suit you – it is all covered on our advice section or blog.

Our support does not end with the website. After you’ve purchased a machine, we are here for you by phone, email or in person at patient days. We are here to provide support at any stage whenever you need it.