SleepCube and DeVilbiss Blue Filters from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare


Keep your Drive DeVilbiss CPAP Machine running smoothly by regularly replacing the filters. This machine uses two types of filters: a white fine filter that should be changed at least once a month, and a black coarse filter that should be changed at least every six months.

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Replacement Filters for SleepCube and DeVilbiss CPAP Machines

Keep your SleepCube or DeVilbiss Blue running smoothly with new filters.

The SleepCube Coarse Filter will replace the existing grey foam filter on your SleepCube or DeVilbiss Blue CPAP or BiPAP machine, to ensure that it continues to operate to its full capability and effectiveness.

Drive DeVilbiss recommend replacing the grey foam filter with a new one every six months to keep your SleepCube machine running efficiently. These filters come in a pack of four. They recommended cleaning the foam filter at least once every two weeks.

The SleepCube Fine Filter helps block pollen and other small particles from entering your SleepCube CPAP or BiPAP machine.

Drive DeVilbiss recommend changing this filter 30 nights of use, or sooner if it becomes dirty. Please note that you must not clean these filters – they must be discarded and replaced. The fine filters come in a pack of four, and therefore one pack will last up to four months.

Are these the right filters for your machine?

These filters are for the Drive DeVilbiss Sleepcube and IntelliPAP ranges of machines ONLY. These include the Standard, Standard Plus, AutoAdjust, AutoAdjust Plus and BiLevel versions. They will not work with any other CPAP or BiLevel machines.

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