How to make CPAP more affordable

Credit card or personal loan

How to spread the cost of CPAP

CPAP can be a life-changing investment, but the initial outlay can seem prohibitive to some. However, there are a few ways to spread that cost, allowing you to get the treatment you need with financial terms that suit you.


Credit card

Many credit cards will allow you to pay off purchases over 12 months or longer. Credit cards provide you with a simple way of paying for the equipment now and then paying back the cost in instalments over an agreed period. For many, this is the most straightforward way of making purchasing CPAP equipment more manageable.

Credit card or personal loan

Personal loan

Getting a personal loan is a popular way to spread the cost of your CPAP equipment. Rather than pay the whole fee upfront, the loan will cover that, and instead, you pay back the finance company a more manageable sum each month. Credit like this means your CPAP machine will be more like a CPAP rental than a significant upfront purchase.

For example, a £1,000 loan paid back over two years works out at about £50 a month. That loan would easily cover a machine, two masks, filters for that period and even a humidifier if required. You can think of that almost as a £50 a month CPAP rental. After the two years, the equipment is yours.

Using a comparison site such as Money Saving Expert will help you find a loan that suits your need.


Why CPAP is worth the investment:

“I am no longer tired all the time, nervous or irritable, and I no longer put unfair stress on my loving and supportive family. If you think you have OSA; do not ignore it. CPAP can significantly change your life for better, as it has mine”.

“I have no regrets over forging ahead and finding a solution privately and would do the same again. For the price of a few nights on one of my business trips, I’ve had better sleep and more peace of mind. I’m just grateful that I am now receiving the therapy that allows me, and my wife, to get on with our lives and gives me the peace of mind that OSA is now a lot less likely to cause me serious long term problems”.

“The difference when I awoke [after my first night on CPAP] was without exaggeration truly phenomenal. Yes, after just one solitary night. I was alive alert and enthusiastic to see the day. Now I am never without a machine at night. It has made such a difference in my life, and my only regret is that I should have listened to my family and made the sleep test years ago. I had wasted so many years being in that sad state. Now I don’t snore, I don’t have reflux, I never nod off during the day, and I feel twenty years younger in every aspect of my life. It’s as if I have a second chance at living a full life. So many people who have said to me ‘That is exactly our problem also’. Sensibly, unlike me, they have taken the private option and considerably reduced the agonising wait for an NHS appointment”.

So if you need CPAP, do not let finance stand between you and proper sleep. The difference it could make to you, your family and your job is immeasurable, as demonstrated above. We strongly recommend exploring various loan options to make CPAP affordable for you. It could be the soundest investment you’ll ever make.


Why does Intus not offer a dedicated CPAP rental service?

Intus do not offer rental services for many reasons, but mainly because we want to provide excellent service and value to our customers. A loan to cover the costs of CPAP equipment can work out at a monthly repayment of around £50, far less than any CPAP rental package would cost. The benefits of using a loan, however, is that you have the option to choose the mask and machine, allowing whichever combination you wish rather than be limited to a select few. Plus, at the end of two years, the equipment is still yours to keep.

CPAP rental agreements in some countries see customers paying around £100 per month for their equipment. We do not believe this provides good value for customers. We are reluctant to introduce such an expensive system in the UK.

At Intus, our commitment to customer care includes ensuring you get the equipment you need at the best possible price. A CPAP rental agreement would not provide our customers with the value we strive to deliver.

For the reasons above, we feel that using a credit card or personal loan offers the best value, the best freedom of choice, and the best long-term option. We do offer exceptional long-term advice and support for all of our CPAP customers, which includes free data reporting for a year after purchase. We also provide help and advice, via phone or email, for as long as required.

If you need any help or advice, about these topics or anything else related to CPAP, then please contact us Here, and we will be happy to help.

Author Jenny Hall