Sinus and Nasal Care

Nasal congestion, rhinitis, sinusitis and excess catarrh can cause problems during positive airway pressure therapy. Especially if you rely on a nasal mask only, making sure your nasal airways are free is very important. If your CPAP can’t push air through your nose to keep your throat open, apnoea events will still occur and you won’t sleep well.

Ask your sleep clinic about nasal congestion among CPAP users and you will find it to be a common problem. We have helped hundreds of people with their sleep apnoea and nasal problems over the years and found that drug-free saline solutions (salt water) work by far the best for OSA patients. Either manually with a spray, or with a powered machine you squirt salt water up your nostrils to cleanse your sinuses and free your nasal airway.

Our sprays are great for carrying with you but the pulsating machine really is the best we’ve ever come across for removing chronic sinus problems. Use it daily to get the most from your sleep apnoea therapy.