System One REMstar 60 Pro CPAP Machine

Please note that this product has been discontinued, and has been superseded by the Dreamstation Pro CPAP machine.


Another leap forward from the successful M-Series, the all new System One REMstar 60 CPAP Machines feature C-Flex ; providing pressure relief at the beginning of exhalation as well as softening the pressure transition from inhalation to exhalation for optimum breathing comfort. Respironics have combined years of experience with extensive customer feedback to create an incredibly advanced and reliable CPAP machine.

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System One REMstar 60 – the leading CPAP system

Philips Respironics have built on the success of the M-Series by launching the all new System One REMstar 60 Pro CPAP System. The Pro model is the fixed-pressure version, which now boasts C-Flex+ for easier exhalation and automatic altitude compensation among its advantages. It boasts a more intuitive control system, improved usability and a technological package that makes it a difficult option to ignore. If you would prefer the automatic version of this CPAP system, have a look at the System One REMstar 60 Auto CPAP System.

C-Flex+ makes exhalation natural

The System One Resistance Control allows you to exhale easily and naturally. Every Philips Respironics mask has a number, and by putting that into the REMstar it can compensate the correct amount of pressure for the resistance that mask generates. This means you get the correct pressure that you need, whatever mask you are wearing. In addition to this, the C-Flex system further enhances the quality of your sleep by giving pressure relief at exhalation. The C-Flex+ System found on the Pro model further enhances this by softening the breathing cycle between inhalation and exhalation, giving a natural and easy breathing cycle while you sleep. The minimising of the pressure transitions provides additional comfort when in fixed CPAP mode, thanks to its three-step automatic adjustment based on your individual expiratory flow.

The toggle dial system on the System One REMstar 60 Pro replaces the buttons found on the M-series, and provides an intuitive way of adjusting the settings as required. Philips Respironics have decided to remove the built-in humidifier of the M-series to allow the unit to be more compact and portable, but still give those who want a humidifier the option of having one. At 7″ by 5.5″ by 4″, and weighing 3lbs, it is small and light enough to transport easily. Its art deco inspired design also ensures that it is one of the most attractive machines on the market.

Performance and reliability through precision design

The System One REMstar 60 is the result of extensive research and design, resulting in a product that is technologically advanced while still being incredibly reliable. The video below demonstrates the design and manufacturing process and shows the level of detail that Philips Respironics have gone to create a machine of this quality.

Separate humidifier pushes CPAP technology

The optional System One Heated Humidifier, available at extra cost, is a revolutionary design for controlling rain-out and water damage. By analysing the ambient temperature and the user’s airflow, the System One Humidity Control is able to reach relative humidity at the mask. It is the first humidifier that is able to take room humidity into account. It has sensors both inside and outside the machine to to allow it to accurately measure changes in humidity, and prevent condensation from forming inside the tube.

The Dry Box system featured in the System One Humidity Control is another major advance in CPAP technology. It has an array of features designed to prevent water from leaving the chamber. These include a one-way valve between the machine and the humidifier. The water that manages to get past this valve is then caught in the Dry Box, which acts as a reservoir for escaped water. Additionally, the air outlet port has been repositioned onto the top of the humidifier rather than the side, to centre the delivery and minimise the total water displacement around the hole. For more information about the humidifier have a look at the product page for the System One REMstar 60 Heated Humidifier.

Going on your travels? Take your System One with you!

The System One REMstar 60 Pro makes for a great option if you are planning to travel. Its compact and lightweight design makes it portable and easy to transport, and it also comes with its own padded carry bag big enough to fit in a mask, too. The System One can also be powered from a 12V source, meaning you can still use your CPAP if you are camping or doing something else causing you to be away from mains power. Simply hook it up to a 12V battery and away you go, and its low power consumption means it will not be a big drain either. Simply use the Respironics 12V DC Cable (sold separately) to connect it to a 12V source, such as a Tracer Compact CPAP Battery Pack.

Superior CPAP therapy through experience and research

Despite the success of the M-series, Philips Respironics have not rested on their laurels, and have continued to lead the industry with their breakthrough technologies. The intuitive control system and C-Flex+ system are designed to enhance the usability of the System One REMstar 60 Pro. The C-Flex+ makes exhalation easier and more natural, as it lowers the pressure to prevent you breathing against the CPAP’s flow. The Heated Humidifier, sold separately (see recommended products, below) further advances CPAP technology by virtually eliminating rain-out and water damage. By itself, it provides a user-friendly, portable and natural CPAP solution. Together, you have one of the most complete and advanced CPAP systems on the market.

Additional information

Weight2490 g
Dimensions35 × 20 × 18 cm
Mask Leak Compensation


Filters Used

Coarse Filters, High Efficiency Fine Filters

CE Certified


DC Power Option

12V DC

Electrical Ratings

100-240V AC, 2.1A, 50/60Hz

Helpline Locations

Australia, Austria, Benelux, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Also Known As

System One REMstar Pro with A-Flex

Humidifier Heat Levels


Heated Tube Included?


Humidifier Water Capacity

325 ml

Integrated Humidifier?

Unhumidified (can be integrated later)



Made In


Manufacturer's Warranty

2 years – excluding consumable parts, such as filters, tubing and water chamber (if applicable)

Operating Pressure Range

4-20 hPa / cm H2O

Menu Languages

Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Generic (Numbers & Symbols), Italiano, Português

Main Therapy Mode


Voltage Power Switching

Automatic Switching

Humidifier Dimensions

10cm H x 28cm W x 18cm L – 4in H x 11in W x 7in L

Power Lead Included

Yes (UK or EU as required)

Power Supply

External with Power Brick

Machine Dimensions

10cm H x 14cm W x 18cm L – 4" H x 5.5" W x 7" L

Sound Level (dBa)

< 30 dB(A)

Supported Therapy Modes


Ramp Method

0-45 minutes, 0.5 hPa/cm H2O increments

User Manual Languages


Tube Length

6ft / 183cm

User Manual Included


Weight (machine only)

1.4 kg

Tube Included?