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UltraLite Lightweight Tubing


Take the weight off of your therapy with an UltraLite tube. 35% lighter than regular tubing, the UltraLite reduces mask pull and makes the tubing less noticeable, while still having the same flexibility and durability of regular tubing. Available in two diameters, both versions feature the standard 22mm connector to make them compatible with all modern CPAP machines and are the regular length of 6′ (182cm).


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In Stock

Lightweight tubing instantly adds comfort to your therapy by reducing mask pull and making the tube less noticeable and distracting, making sleeping with CPAP more tolerable and less invasive.

The new UltraLite Max tube from Plastiflex weighs just 105g, making it an incredibly lightweight tube that is 35% lighter than regular tubing, while still providing the same levels of flexibility and durability.

The UltraLite comes in two diameters – the Max which has the standard 19mm diameter (the same as regular CPAP tubes) or a UltraLite Mini Slimline 15mm version, which is even lighter at 95g.

Please note that the Slimline version can only be used with CPAP machines that have a setting to cater for such a tube, such as the Philips Respironics System One REMstar or the ResMed S9. If in doubt, consult your manual or choose the Ultralite Max, which is compatible with all modern CPAP machines.

Both tubes are the standard CPAP tube length of 6′ (182cm).

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Fits Any CPAP Machine


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Latex Free


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6ft / 183cm

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Female & Male