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Last updated on May 23rd, 2023 at 12:00 pm

Sefar S. Box CPAP Machine Connectivity
Sefam S.Box Access App
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A new approach to Sleep Apnoea treatment

The S.Box concept: towards personalised medicine.

Thanks to its multi-connectivity (Bluetooth®, 3G, Wi-Fi), the Sefam S.Box® integrates physiological parameters and data related to the patient’s lifestyle in addition to the treatment efficacy indicators. The S.Box concept offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to make patient treatment and follow-up more precise as part of an adapted care pathway. 

The SEFAM Connect telemonitoring platform assures the security and integration of all information transmitted by the S.Box® and other compatible connected devices.

The mobile apps SEFAM Access (for the patient) and SEFAM Access Pro (for the home care provider) provide access to this information and wireless communication with the S.Box®.

The SEFAM Analyze software provides precise and detailed treatment analysis to the healthcare professional.

S.Box®: an aggregate of technologies and innovations

Sefam S.Box CPAP machine features:

iRamp* – An intelligent ramp detects the moment when the patient is falling asleep.

Intelligent Start – Starts treatment automatically upon breathing in the mask.

Wave & Go – Activates the display upon waving in front of the screen.

Mask Fit & Go* – This allows an easy check of the mask fit and leakage indication.

CC+ mode* – Comfort Control Plus.Three levels of comfort mode.

Circuit Select* – Automatically calculates the resistance/pressure drop of the entire patient circuit.

Mask Select* – This feature calculates precisely the unintentional leakage of any mask.

Auto-CPAP mode* – Reacts to all respiratory events, including flow limitations and snoring.

Adaptive Thermo Control – Automatically adapts the heating of the heated tube to the setting of the heated humidifier.

Humid Control +* – Enables humidification without condensation.

BT Oximetry – Complete SpO2 data acquisition and synchronization with the machine.

SEFAM Analyze – New treatment analysis softwareCC+.

(*) Sefam Patent

These features can be found in your CPAP settings.

The patient at the centre of treatment

Sefam Access mobile app (for patients)

  • Day-to-day follow-up of treatment efficacy
  • Integration of other health data from peripheral devices
  • Communication with healthcare professionals
  • Remote Control of S.Box®

Sefam Access Pro mobile app (for home care providers)

  • Very close follow-up of patient treatment indicators
  • In-app patient population management tools
  • Preparation of patient (home) visits
  • Access to SEFAM Connect telemonitoring platform
  • Remote settings of S.Box® treatment parameters
  • Communication with the patient

Download the free Sefam Access and Sefam Access Pro apps on your Smartphone or tablet:

Sefam s box CPAP machine app download | Intus Healthcare

The S.Box® design, very low noise level, ergonomics and well-studied packaging make its use and transportation easy and convenient.

Sefam S.Box Auto Heated Humidifier

For many CPAP users, humidified air is an essential part of their therapy. The Sefam S.Box Heated Humidifier allow current and prospective owners of a Sefam S.Box Auto CPAP Machine to benefit from the comfort of humidification. The Sefam S.Box Auto Heated Humidifier provides all of the comforts you come to expect from humidifying the air from your CPAP machine, but with some additional technological improvements to make it more effective and user-friendly. For example:

Humid Control + – Enables humidification without condensation

Adaptive Thermo Control – Automatically adapts the heating of the heated tube to match the heated humidifier.

Please note this humidifier is compatible with the Sefam S.Box Auto CPAP Machine.

Who are SEFAM?

SEFAM are a long-established manufacturer of CPAP devices, with nearly 40 years of experience behind them. They produced Europe’s first-ever CPAP machine back in 1984; their machines have pioneered several developments in CPAP technology that have become standard across the industry

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